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School Choice

  • The Grafton Public Schools will accept applications for a limited number of “seats” for non-resident students exclusively under the state’s School Choice Law.  

    Grafton School Committee has voted to open 4 seats in Kindergarten and 5 seats in first grade. Please note that these seats will be placed at either North or South Grafton Elementary School based on enrollment figures.

    To access the application, please visit

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School Cancellation / Delay Notices

  • If school is canceled or delayed, we will contact local news stations and post on our website ( Our primary vehicle for communication is through our use of Alert Solutions.  Alert Solutions is a communication program that is tied directly to PowerSchool.  This program provides calls, texts, and emails to designated numbers/email addresses when there is notice of a cancellation or delay.

    To verify your contact information, parents and guardians should log into their PowerSchool Parent Access Accounts. This link can be found under Parent Links at the top of this page.

    Click on "Demographics Update" on the left navigation bar.  Add or edit email addresses and phone numbers. Please put only one email address or one 10-digit phone number per line.  Click "Submit."  The updated information will be verified and uploaded to Alert Solutions within 48 hours.  

    To view how Alert Solutions system is currently set up to contact your household, click on the AlertSolutions2 icon on the left. Choose “Contact Preferences” tab view and choose which phone numbers and email addresses will receive each level of contact.

    We will be running a test of our cancellation/delay notification system this Thursday, November 16th at 5:00 PM.

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  • For more information on the District's Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan and directions on how to report suspected incidence of bullying, please visit