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Do I have to join the union?  Are there fees if I don’t? 

Joining any union is not mandatory, however agency fees are charged for those employees that do not enroll.  The union provides legal representation to its’ members.

What happens if my spouse loses health insurance coverage?

 Loss of coverage is a qualifying event in which you can pick up coverage.  You will need to provide a letter from the insurance company with your loss of coverage date.  The enrollment forms are on the web site.  Form family coverage you will have to provide a town marriage license and birth certificates of dependent children.

How is maternity leave calculated? 

 Maternity leave is calculated and started on the date of birth of the child.  Maternity leave is 8 weeks and sick time is used for actual work days.  Any additional work days requested are unpaid at your daily rate.  Daily rate is your annual salary / number of work days.  Example:  Salary of 50,000.00.  A daily rate is 50,000/186 = 268.82.   A salary is calculated over 26 pay periods.  August – June is 22 pays with a lump sum of 4 pays paid at the end of the school year.  Based on when the maternity leave is taken salary is paid out to the last work day owed and the unpaid days start.  The salary is then shut off until the employee returns and can then be recalculated based upon the number of days left in the school year.

What happens if I need a leave of absence?

A letter of request through your chain of command needs to be made.  Based upon the request it will be determined if the request meets the regulations of the Family Medical Leave Act.

What is a cafeteria or flex spending account?

The web site under flexible spending describes this very well.  While lowering your taxable income it also allows medical expenses to be tax deductible and flexible by having the yearly allotted amount on one card for use up front.  The elected amount is deducted over the pay periods during the fiscal year.  The IRS allows a maximum of 2550.00 per year.

Why is my W2 income different than my status letter salary?

Your salary is fiscal year from July – June.  Your W2 is calendar year from Jan – Dec.

What are the deductions in my paycheck?

Medical and Dental deductions are not deducted on the third pay of the month.


FITW : Federal tax withholding

MA:     Mass State tax withholding

MED:   Medicare

A/Fee                   - Agency Fee

AACC                    - Aflac Accident Insurance

ACAN                   - Aflac Cancer Insurance

Add2%                 - Additional 2% for Worcester Regional Retirement

AFACC                 - American Fidelity Accident Insurance

AFCan                  - American Fidelity Cancer Insurance

AFLTD                  - American Fidelity Long Term Disability

ALife                     - Aflac Life Insurance

Alt16                    - Altus Dental August/September insurance

xxx16                    - Health insurance August/September insurance

AltAF                    - Altus A Family

AltAI                    - Altus A Individual

AltBF                    - Altus B Family

AltBI                     - Altus B Individual

APREM                - Altus Premium Rider

ASTD                    - Aflac Short Term Disability

Col D                    - Colonial Short Term Disability

CS or CSup           - Child Support/ Garnishment

CuDue                  - Custodial Dues

DFLEX                  - Dependent Flex Account

DOR                      - Department of Revenue Garnishment

FalDF                    - Fallon Direct Family

FalDI                    - Fallon Direct Individual

FalSF                    - Fallon Select Family

FalSI                     - Fallon Select Individual

FCrit                     - American Fidelity Critical Insurance

FLEX                     - Flexible Spending

GTL                       - Boston Mutual Group Term Life

GW                        - Great West 457 tax deferred plan

HHMOF                - Harvard HMO Family

HHMOI                - Harvard HMO Individual

HNEF                   - Health New England Familly

HNEI                    - Health New England Individual

HPPOF                 - Harvard PPO Family

HPPOI                  - Harvard PPO Individual

ICMAO                 - ICMARC Tax deferred 457 plan

Levy                     - Garnishment

LTD                       - Boston Mutual Long Term Disability

MTN2%                 - Additional 2% Mass Teachers Retirement

MTN                     - MTR pension Mass Teachers Retirement

NYLife                  - New York Life Insurance

Pens                     - Worcester Regional Retirement

SupDu                   - Support Union Dues

TAN                      - 403b deduction codes

TDues                   - Teacher’s Union Dues

TuftF                    - Tufts Navigator Family

TuftI                     - Tufts Navigator Individual

VLife                     - Boston Mutual Voluntary Life Insurance





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