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GHS Update - August 11,2019

I hope everything is going well with everyone! We are getting close to the start of the school year and look forward to seeing our students and their involvement in the many activities we have at our school.  


Parking Permits 

We have a limited number of parking spaces for students. Beginning on Monday, August 12th, ONLY Seniors will be allowed to come to the high school main office to pick up a parking permit application. Seniors may come to the high school between the hours of 8:00a.m. -2:00p.m. Monday-Thursday during the week of August 12th to pick up their application. 


At some point later this week or the beginning of next week, we will determine if any parking spaces will be opened up to juniors. Additionally, students should carefully review the application form as we have added in new language regarding consequences for students that park their vehicle in our lot without a parking permit. 


All applications must be returned to the high school main office by Thursday, August 12th at 3:00p.m. The application must include a check ($200.00) payable to Grafton Public Schools and a copy of the license and registration.


Student Lockers

If a student would like to be assigned a locker for this school year, please email 

Mrs.Harris at If a student was assigned a locker last year, they

may keep the same locker this year. 


Class of 2023 Orientation/Transition Program

We will welcome our incoming Class of 2023 with Freshman Orientation on Tuesday, August 20th  from 6:00-8:30pm. A presentation for parents will begin at 7:30pm in the high school auditorium. 


As new freshmen enter the Commons for Orientation, they should look for signs hanging on the walls by alpha for their last name. They will meet their senior leaders who will guide them through the evening. Freshmen will learn all about the school and have an opportunity to have all their questions answered. They will have a tour and ice cream at the end of the evening while parents meet with administrators in the auditorium. All programming for night will end at 8:30pm.

iPad Deployment Schedule 

Below is the link for families to sign up for iPad Deployment sessions for their 9th grade students. All questions regarding iPads should be forwarded  to

iPad Deployment Information for 9th graders


Tuesday, August 27th Schedule (Day 1-all 7 classes will meet on this day)

**Class Meetings will be approximately 30 minutes long with grades 9-11 being called to the auditorium at the changing of classes


Event (Times are Tentative)

Period 1


Grade 12 Class Meeting (8:00-8:30)

Period 2


Grade 11 Class Meeting

Period 3


Grade 10 Class Meeting

Period 4


Grade 9 Class meeting

Period 5



Period 6

1st Lunch- 11:24-11:49

2nd Lunch-11:59-12:24

3rd Lunch- 12:34-12:59

Period 7


Period 7 may begin later

Wednesday, August 28th- Day 1/Thursday, August 29th- Day 2/Friday, August 30th- No School/Monday, September 2nd- No School-Labor Day/Tuesday, September 3rd- Day 3


September Events

Community Service Meeting-Thursday, August 29th-Seniors that have Community Service will meet with Ms. Rohan in the Auditorium during Extended Block.


School Pictures-Wednesday, September 4th- Faculty, Staff and Students(Grades 9-11 Only) 


School Dance-Saturday, September 14th -7-10 in gym 


Youth Health Risk Survey- Tuesday, September 17th- Extended Block. Students in grades 9-12 will take an online Health Risk Survey. More details to come


Open House- Wednesday, September 18th- 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m. Each session will last 10 minutes and parents will be dismissed by the office to their next class on the schedule. Teachers will provide a general overview of the class, but individual student discussions should not take place.


Grade 11 &12 Assembly- Monday, September 23rd-9:15a.m.-10:15a.m.-Auditorium

This assembly focuses on the dangers of distracted driving. Please click on link for more information.


Coalition For A Healthy Grafton has invited Dr. Ruth Potee to our district for a presentation on Tuesday, September 24th at 6:30p.m. in the auditorium. Her presentation focuses on addictions, substance abuse and the development of the teenage brain. The town of Grafton is not unlike other communities as we have seen some former students engaged in this behavior with very sad results. Dr. Potee is an excellent speaker and I would encourage you to attend this event. Please click on the link for more information.


AP Kick Off Presentation- Thursday, September 26th

AP Student will attend a presentation conducted by our AP teachers during Extended Block. This presentation will be held in the auditorium and focus on the expectations that come with taking an AP course. 


MEFA Financial Aid Night- Thursday, September 26th-6:00p.m.-Auditorium

Parents of seniors are invited to attend this important night regarding the different programs associated with funding for a college education.