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GHS Update -September 17, 2017

Thank you to all of the members of the GHS community that attended our Open House Night as well as helping out with the Class of 2018 Yard Sale or attending the other events at our school. Your support is appreciated!

The upcoming week is very busy with co-curricular clubs conducting meetings as well as other programs that students will participate in during the school year.


Parking Lot

Please follow these Parking Lot Rules:

  1. Students must not be dropped off or picked up in the middle of the student or faculty parking lots. We have had a number of close calls with regards to safety issues and it is important that this activity takes place in the lane between the student and faculty parking lots.

  2. The Municipal Center driveways should not be used to drop off or pick up students. This has also created a safety issue with people enter the Municipal Center for town business.

Thank you for your cooperation.


AP Assembly - Monday, September 18th-9:30a.m.-Auditorium

All AP teachers and students will attend  a presentation in the auditorium. We will recognize their efforts and participation in our AP program and discuss the many supports that we have in place for them as we  as we begin to prepare for the AP testing in the Spring.


1st GHS Parent Connection Social - Tuesday, September, 19th at 7 p.m.

Please join us for the 1st GHS Parent Connection Social!

Come for coffee, dessert and a discussion about what’s going on in the upcoming weeks/months at Grafton High School and how we can help support the students of GHS. We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday, September, 19th at 7:00 p.m. at Grafton High School. Please RSVP to .


Chemical Health Night- Fall Athletes and Parents

Thursday, September 21st-7:00p.m.-Chemical Health Night- Mandatory Meeting for all Fall Athletes and at least one Parent. This program is sponsored by the Athletic Department and Athletic Director, Mr. Scanlon.  

Stephen Marciano will speak to our fall athletes and parents. I've included a link of an article that highlights his talk at Bridgewater State University. .After the program, parents will have an opportunity to meet with the fall coaches in separate meetings.

*The above information will be shared in an additional email to the community as we want to highlight the programs we have in place to address the importance of students making good decisions as well as strengthening the partnership between the high school and Grafton community.


School-Wide Assembly- Tuesday, September 26th-9:30a.m.- Gym  

All students and staff  will attend this assembly, where we will hear from representatives of agencies that offer help to people in the greater Grafton  community. It is important to hear from people that directly work with others in areas of food distribution, homeless shelters, and rebuilding communities that are poor or have suffered damage. During homecoming week, funds are raised and it is important for everyone to hear the impact of these donations.


Class of 2021 Elections

Congratulations to the 9th grade  students that submitted a nomination form and gave a speech last Friday. Special congratulations to the following students that were elected to lead their class.  

President: James Dewer/Vice President: Wesley Chiu . /Secretary: Juliana Kallio/Treasurer: Alex Ford


Charlotte’s Web Cast List

Congratulations to the following students who will perform in our Fall Play, Charlotte’s Web!

First Member- Katie Cournoyer

Second Member- Christina Burri

Third Member- Juliana Kallio

Fern Arable- Cady Sugrue

John Arable- Jason Lubeck

Martha Arable- Erica Kelley

Avery Arable- Chase Landry

Homer Zuckerman- Brendan Bartlett

Edith Zuckerman- Jessica Guertin

Lurvy- Matt Cournoyer

Wilbur- Kelsey Sidman

Templeton- Gabby Costa

Charlotte- Megan Paluzzi

Goose- Julia McGlynn

Gander- Jackson Briggs

Sheep- Aryan Mangalik

Lamb- Libby Grace

Reporter/Photographer/Second Spectator- Lexis Marsden

Announcer/Voice on Loudspeaker/Uncle- Shawn Bajwa

First Spectator/Third Spider- Maari Axelson

First Fairgoer/ Second Spider- Emma Fettig

Second Fairgoer/ First Spider- Natasha Ellis

Homecoming Week- Sunday, October 1st- Friday, October 6th

There have been changes to the Homecoming Week with a greater emphasis to end the week celebrating Grafton Pride in all of the activities/programs that we have at GHS! We will meet with class officers and advisors on Tuesday in the Student Activities Room during Extended Block.  The purpose is to review the expectations of the theme days and all events during the week.


We will communicate the topics of this meeting  to everyone later on this week which will include information on the Parent sponsored BBQ, Dodge Ball games, Senior Decorating Commons, Senior Breakfast  and fundraising events.

The themes (students must adhere to school dress code rules) were voted on at the Student Council Leadership Day and they are:

  • Sunday, October 1st-  Window Decorations- Students from each class are invited to decorate the windows in library facing the Commons. Each class is assigned a window to decorate on Sunday, October 1st from 9:00a.m. to 11:30a.m.

  • Monday, October 2nd: America Monday/Camo Day

             Either red white and blue or camo or a mix of both

  • Tuesday, October 3rd: Tacky Tourist Day

             Tube socks, sandals, bucket hats, fanny packs, Hawaiian shirts, shirts with vacation

             places on it.

  • Wednesday, October 4th: Funky pajama Day

             No sweatpants, leggings, slippers

  • Thursday, October 5th: Class color Day

  • Friday, October 6th; Grafton High School Pride Day


Happenings at GHS-FYI

Yearbooks are on sale now! Get yours today for only $65. Hurry, this discount ends September 30th! Email Ms. Travers with any questions.

Photo retakes will be taken at 7:30am on Wednesday, Sept. 27. If you would like a retake bring your picture envelope with $3.00 in it to the retakes.

Senior video Attention seniors! please check your email from Rachel Voellings and Rosellen Quist about submitting pictures for the senior video. They can be any pictures from freshman to senior year. Please ask Rachel or Rosellen if you have any questions. we need everyone in the class in the video, so thanks for your help.

Upcoming Student Meetings

Tuesday, September 19th

Extended Block- Class Officer Meeting - Student Activities Room(Homecoming Topics)

                                Best Buddies Meeting (LGI)


 Wednesday, September 20th

Extended Block- Math Team Informational Meeting-Student Activities Room

                            Science Fair Informational Meeting in LGI

If students wishes to be part of both groups, they can leave their name with the main office for the Math Team or with Mr. Cote and Mrs. Howland for the Science Fair.                                 

Thursday, September 21st

Extended Block- 9th Grade Advisory Lesson with Senior Leaders


Friday, September 22nd

Class of 2020 will meet in the auditorium with Craig Johnson from Balfour regarding the purchasing of a class ring. Balfour will hold Ring Night on Wednesday, September 27th from 5:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. for students to purchase rings. They will also be at lunches on Thursday, September 28th and October 2nd.

Monday, September 25th

8:00a.m.- Parent Coffee with Administration. This is an opportunity for parents to meet with GHS administration to discuss any school related topics.


Friday, September 29th- ½ day Professional Development- Student dismissal at 10:20a.m.