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Principal's Message

Hello SGES Families,


We have now completed our third week of school!  We continue to adjust things as we go along to make both in person learning and remote learning the best we can.  I know for some, it seems as if we are moving very slowly with the remote learning.  We are.  We are purposely moving forward slowly as we ensure that families can access the technology, navigate through Google Classroom and now See Saw and increase our students’ screen stamina.  We have also been working on creating a community of learners, both in person and at home.  On screen, it can be a bit more difficult and takes more time, but we are getting there!!  We thank you all for your patience. 


I am so proud of our students, staff and parents for adjusting to this new way of learning and attending school.  You have all done an outstanding job at being flexible and learning new skills.  Our students now know how to mute and unmute, know where their camera is, have learned many of their classmates’ names, a new schedule and a newer way of going to school.  Our families have also learned the same skills, along with when to assist their child remotely, to remember they are “live” in the background and when it’s okay to walk away.  Our staff have learned how to man 2-3 devices at a time, how to present material in a way that is engaging, teach with and without being there in person, sharing students, working collaboratively, and wearing masks.  What hasn’t changed is their dedication and support of their students, teaching with a passion and doing what is best for students. 


I have had questions as to when we will move towards fewer breaks and more academic time.  We are moving each week to less breaks and more academics, adding in Fundations, math groups and small group activities at the Kindergarten level.  With See Saw, our remote learners, are able to do many activities now on their computer and save it to their folder for the teacher’s review and feedback.  Our “big” kid first graders are already well on their way to a more typical school day remotely.  Our “littles” are learning how to do this and will also be there soon.  Again, we will continue to tweak and adjust to make this work as best we can.


I have also had questions about printing things at home for our remote learners.  Please know that you do not need to provide printers and print out papers for your child, as we know not everyone has access to a printer.  Instead, please feel free to use what you have at home to complete the activity.  If you feel your child cannot complete the activity for any reason, please email the teacher.  We can find alternative ways for your child to show what he/she knows including recording your child saying the answers.  If it is a handwriting lesson or Fundations lesson, any paper could be used.  We are also looking to add to our take home materials those items you may need at home, such as Fundations type paper and weekend news papers.  Should you have any questions about materials, please bring them to my attention:

Half days

As you have now seen, we have changed our calendar to include half-day Fridays for most Fridays of this school year.  As October 9th is the first one, it will include all students preK-1 at SGES.  All other Fridays will only include K and 1 students.  PreK students will continue to attend school following their regular schedule. 


Thank you all for your continued support!!


Please be sure to update your emergency contact information in the parent portal on Power School, if you haven’t done so.   To do this:

  • Log into the PS Parent Portal
  • Click on Annual Student Demographic Update
  • Update your information
  • Click Submit

If you receive a message that says your child has been removed, please email Ms. Henault at


From the Nurse:

Save the Date!

Flu Clinics will be offered again this year:  More information and the paperwork will be coming out soon.

10/20/20 - Elementary Age Students @ North Street Elementary School 3:15-5:30.   


10/21/20 - GHS & GMS "Cohort B" - GHS 7:30-9:00

                                                          GMS 9:15-11:00


10/28/20 - GHS & GMS "Cohort A" - GHS 7:30-9:00



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