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GMS College/Career Planning

Beginning November 17 and moving through March, 8th grade students will be participating in a series of college and career readiness workshops.  Workshops will be held at Grafton High School and facilitated by GHS’s College and Career Counselor, Jennifer Cummings.


In the first workshop, students will learn about different learning style preferences (visual, auditory, kinesthetic/tactile).  Students will be guided in their understanding of their own learning preference styles by taking a ‘Learning Style Inventory’ using Grafton High School’s College and Career Readiness Platform, Naviance.  Students will be able to read and interpret their individual results.


The second workshop in the series, students will continue their journey of self-reflection by learning about the Myers Briggs Type Indicators.  This seminar will teach students the dichotomies (extrovert/introvert, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving).  Students will take a second assessment on Naviance that mirrors the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator.  Students will be guided through reading and interpreting their 4-letter code with focus being on the correlation between personality type and career/majors that people find rewarding and fulfilling.


The final college and career readiness workshop will introduce students to Grafton High School’s Program of Studies.  Students will engage in activities where they will explore the Program of Studies and delve into investigating the diverse and rich learning and educational opportunities they will be able to take advantage of in high school.