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Parent Pick Up Procedures

IMPORTANT! Changes to the Parent Pick-up Process

This year Parent Pick-up of students will be curbside!  Parents will not be parking and entering the building.  Parents will drive into the entrance by the large parking lot as they would for student drop-off. When entering the drop off lane, cars will form a double line. DO NOT form the double line before entering the lane along the sidewalk as the buses will need to pass through.

Cars in both lanes will pull up to the end of the sidewalk.  Families will be given a PPU sign with student’s name and grade to place on the PASSENGER side of the dashboard so it is visible through the windshield. Every time you come to pick up your child(ren) PPU signs should be visible on the dashboard of the car.  Students will exit from the exterior gymnasium doors to the cars.  We will be reading the dashboard signs and calling via walkie talkies for the students waiting inside the gym in the order of the cars in the lanes. Cars will not pull out of their lane to pass other cars but move forward in a line.  Cars in the inner lane along the sidewalk will turn right and go around the building, slowly, to the baseball field/small parking lot and exit left out the drive to Millbury Street.  When exiting the campus, please watch for incoming buses and do not turn right into the bus lane.  Cars in the outer lane will turn left and circle around the outside of the large parking lot and exit onto Millbury St. Below is an aerial view of the traffic flow.

Click HERE for enlarged aerial photo

Traffic Flow