• Please see the 2021-2022 bus routes linked here.

    The bus routes and stops were established with the thought of them being equitable and safe after site visits were completed and site distances, traffic flow, patterns and volume were reviewed. Requests for a change to the bus routes can be made after the first 2 weeks of school. All requests will be carefully evaluated and subject to feasibility. 

    Please direct all questions and requests to businfo@grafton.k12.ma.us


2021-2022 Bus Information

  • All Students in Grades 7-12 that will be taking the bus in the 2021-2022 school year must purchase a bus pass.  Directions to purchase a bus pass are below.

    Students that receive free/reduced lunch must apply for a bus pass with this form.  Bus Pass Application 21/22


    As of July 1, 2021, the Grafton Public Schools will no longer be accepting cash, checks or payments made through UniPay as a form of payment for bus passes. The deadline to request a bus pass was June 18th. From this point forward, a $25 fee will be added to the payment amount for all bus pass requests.

     Payments can now be made through My School Bucks. Currently, My School Bucks is currently available to parents/guardians as a way to manage and add funds to student lunch accounts.

     Please see below for instructions on how to set up a My School Bucks account.  

     Once you are logged into your My School Bucks account, click on School Store at the top of the screen and select Browse All Items.  Then select View Details for Bus Transportation and complete the associated form.

     To begin, we ask that all families create a My School Bucks account.  To do this;

    1. Go to https://www.myschoolbucks.com/ver2/register/getsignup.
    2. Follow the onscreen directions, completing all fields, to create an account.
    3. Verify your telephone number.
    4. Log into your new account with your email address and the password you just created.
    5. Follow the prompts for 2-step verification.
    6. Once logged in, click the Add Student button.
    7. Complete the form.  Use your student’s birthday in MM/DD/YYYY format.
    8. Click Find Student, then click Add Student.
    9. Either Click Add Another Student or click Finish.
    10. On the home page, you can add money to lunch account(s) or pay outstanding invoices.

    For technical questions, please email techsupport@grafton.k12.ma.us.

    For questions about payments or invoices, please email leofantil@grafton.k12.ma.us.







Department Overview

  • The Transportation Services for the schools is handled through the Finance Department at this time with the help of the bus company and school staff.


    Bus questions and concerns can be emailed to businfo@grafton.k12.ma.us .   To help us answer your question in a timely manner, please include parent name, student name, street address, school, grade, phone number, bus# if known, and current bus stop if known.  It may be helpful to add pictures or other detail to help understand your request.  If you are reporting an incident, we also require the approximate time and location to be noted.  If your request concerns a safety issue, we will expedite the process. With that said, in most cases we will not make changes to routes until we have data on bus timing and bus capacity, after the first two-three weeks of school.

    Bus stop times will vary from posted time estimates.  Please be out for the bus at least 10 minutes early and expect changes in the first month of school.  Bus assignments, drivers, stops, times are all subject to change as we try to best manage transportation to schools.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated as we manage the routes throughout the year.  

    Please be advised that all District buses may be equipped with video and audio equipment for safety purposes.  


    We recommend that you stay on your side of the street (if other side is unsafe) until the bus arrives and puts out it's stop sign, then wait for traffic to stop, and that you cross with your student(s) and the bus will wait for you to cross back.  


    If you lose an item on the bus, please call AA Transportation at 508-791-9100 extension 2 to speak to a dispatcher.


Bus Safety Video


    Lynn Leofanti
    Superintendent's Secretary
    508.839.5421, ext.1012
    Anita Patel
    Director of Finance
    508.839.5421, ext.1020

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the bus fee?

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    The bus fee for 1 student is $200 annually.  The bus fee for 2 or more students is $400.  After the deadline, a fee of $25 will be added to each bus pass.  

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  • Does everyone have to pay a bus fee?

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    Bus fees are only required for students in grades 7-12.  Students on free and reduced lunch do have to fill out the bus application but do not have to pay the fee.

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  • When is the deadline for bus pass applications?

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    Bus Pass Applications are due by June 18, 2021 for the 2021-2022 school year.  Applications submitted after this date will be subject to a $25 late fee.  

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  • Where can I get the bus application and how can I pay and submit the application?

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    The bus fee application is available online at the Transportation Dept section of www.graftonps.org/transportation.  You or your student can also get an application at their school or at the School Finance Office at the Town Municipal Center at 30 Providence Rd.  You can submit the form and payment at the school or at the School Finance Office.  You can also pay online and if you do that, you do not need to also fill out the paper application.

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  • When and where can bus passes be picked up?

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    Bus passes can be picked up at the student's school main office on the two weeks before school starts.  

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  • What should I do if I can't afford to pay the full bus fee?

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    Please always fill out the bus pass application and submit the application by the deadline.  If you can only partially pay, you can go to the School Finance Office at 30 Providence Rd and ask to be set up on a payment plan.  Student who will be on free and reduced lunch this school year do need to fill out the bus application but do not need to pay the fee.

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  • If my child is on free/reduced lunch, do I need to fill out an application?

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    Students on free/reduced lunch get the bus fee waived but we still need you to fill out the applicatoin so that we know your student wants to take the bus.  Please check the box at the bottom that your student is eligible for free/reduced lunch.

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  • If I am not sure if my child with qualify for free/reduced lunch, what should i do?

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    You should fill out the application by the deadline and check of the box at the bottom saying your child is eligible for free lunch.  If your child ends up not qualifying for free/reduced lunch, we will send you a bill for the bus fee after school starts.  If you would like to pay now, and then you find that your student does qualify, we can refund the bus fee.

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