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  • January 2019
    Dismissal Notes and Changes in Dismissal
    When you are placing your child on the Parent Pickup list please be sure to include your child's first and last name on the note.  If an alternate adult is picking up your child please include their full name.  
    Also, we cannot allow students to change their bus to go to a friend's house after school.  Unfortunately, we could never manage this as a regular practice with 650 students boarding 17 buses each afternoon.  If you are arranging a playdate, students should be placed on the Parent Pickup list if they do not currently have the same bus assignment.
    Thank you so very much for your cooperation. 

    Late Start Survey The School Committee, in partnership with the Later Start Times Committee, has been considering the possibility of later start times for secondary students.  In an effort to gather feedback, the Later Start Times Committee has created surveys for secondary students, parents, and staff.  Please consider sharing your thoughts regarding later start times through this anonymous survey: 

    Delayed Openings Please note, in the event of a two hour delayed opening due to inclement weather students may enter the building at 10:10 am.  Students should still be dropped off at the side drop off area, not in front of the building where buses are dropping off students.  Students should be at their bus stops two hours later than the usual pick up time.  It is not unexpected that buses would be a few minutes later than usual at stops to pick up children. 
    Operation Friendship Dance this Friday, 2/1 for Grades 5 - 8
    Movie Night Friday, February 8th. Doors open at 6pm. Featured movie is Sandlot (rated PG)
    Patriots Spirit Day Friday, 2/1
    Click HERE to access the 2019 - 2020 Grafton Public Schools Calendar
    For parents going without pay during the government shutdown, you may be eligible for free or reduced lunch and breakfast benefits during your time without pay.  The free/reduced application can be accessed at  
    Dining for a Cause - February 6th at The 99 Restaurant from 5 - 9 pm.  15% of the proceeds go directly Sto G-PTO to support school enrichment activities.
    Click HERE for voucher. 
    Square-One Art Fundraiser

    The art teachers at Millbury Street Elementary School have started the Square-One Art fundraiser! Like last year, we are offering this as a take-home option as well. We have ordered more paper from Square-One to give parents and students the option of creating a project at home. Each child could do his or her own, you could create one as a family or whatever you want! I will be offering the paper to the students with a 2 piece limit. IF YOU NEED MORE PAPER PLEASE EMAIL ME AT: and I will be happy to send more home, but we want the parents deciding this option. The finished art needs to be flat. It also needs to fit inside the square on the paper. Please fill out the top with your child’s name and homeroom teachers name on it.

    It can be anything you like, however, we do instruct the children not to create art with team logos due to copyright issues. Please have the artwork returned to me (Tucker, room 23) by Friday, February 15th (the day before February vacation). The packets will go home with the regular packets that they did in the art room. It will be the same procedure for ordering. If you have any questions, please email me at

    Thank you, Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Kackley and Ms. Runne

    Six Flags Read to Succeed Reading Logs are Due February 1st
    SG-PTO Movie Night Friday, January 18th! 
    Friday, January 18th, 2019 6 p.m.-8 p.m. MSES Cafeteria Doors Open at 6 p.m., Movie begins at 6:25 p.m. Tickets are $5.00 per student at the door, adults free. Concessions: Pizza, chips, drinks, candy, and popcorn all $1.00 each. Wear your pajamas and bring a blanket, pillow and/or low beach chair. This South Grafton PTO Event Sponsors both MSES and SGES. Questions or concerns, please contact: Jen Gareau or Heather Trudell
    Click HERE to view the flyer.
    MCAS Spring 2019 Information Letter and Testing Dates


    February 11th - February 15th is MSES SPIRIT WEEK!!!

    Monday - Crazy Hair/Hat Day   

    Tuesday - Sports Day     

    Wednesday - Fashion Disaster/Mismatch Day   

    Thursday - Career Day                  

    Friday - Grade Color Day  - purple (6th grade), blue (5th grade), red (4th grade), orange (3rd grade), green (2nd grade)

    News from the Nurse’s Office

    Sharon Iaquinta, RN

    Denise Mossey, RN


    The following screenings will be performed by the school nurses on the dates listed below. Please call during school hours if you have any questions about the screenings.

    Grade 2: Vision & Hearing Screening – week of January 22nd – 25th, 2019

    Grade 3: Vision & Hearing Screening – week of January 28th – February 1st, 2019

    Grade 4: Vision & BMI screening – week of February 4th - 8th, 2019

    Grade 5: Postural Screening & Vision Screening – week of January 7th – 10th, 2019 (notice sent home for postural screening 12/5/2018)

    Grade 6: Postural Screening – week of January 14th – 18th, 2019 (notice sent home 12/12/2018)            


    Grade 4: Fourth grade physical exams are due to the nurse’s office by December 21st, 2018, as required by Massachusetts State Law.

    Grade 6: Before entering Grade 7, students are required by Massachusetts State Law to meet the following vaccine and physical exam requirements:

    • A Tetanus Booster (Tdap) immunization, given within the past 5 years
    • A physical exam performed within one year of entry to Grade 7, so dated after 8/29/2018

    Please submit this documentation to the school nurse as soon as possible. If you need to schedule an appointment for a physical, it would be best to call now since routine physicals are often scheduled months in advance.


    This is the time of year when we see an increase in sickness throughout the school. From the common cold to the flu, strep throat, pneumonia, and the stomach bug; these illnesses spread more easily in the close confinement of the classroom. In order to prevent the spread of these common illnesses, and protect those students and their family members who may have weakened immune systems, please keep the following in mind before sending your child to school:

    Fever: A fever can be a common symptom of a virus or bacterial infection. Children are likely to be contagious to others when they have a fever. If your child has a fever of 100.4 or greater, they must be fever free for 24 hours after their last dose of fever-reducing medication, before returning to school.

    Vomiting/Diarrhea:   If your child vomits or has diarrhea during the night or before school in the morning, please keep them home!! They must stay home and be symptom-free for 24 hours after the last episode before returning to school.

    Cough: It is common for a mild hacking cough to start after the first few days of a common cold. If your child has a mild cough, no fever, and otherwise feeling well, they should be fine at school. If cough persists and becomes severe, with or without a fever, have your child checked by their medical provider, as a severe cough may be a sign of pneumonia or bronchitis.

    Sore Throat: If your child has a mild sore throat, no fever and is otherwise feeling well, they are fine to attend school. A more significant sore throat may be strep throat, a contagious illness. Other symptoms include fever, white spots in the back of the throat, headache and upset stomach. Untreated strep throat can lead to serious complications.   If you suspect your child may have strep throat, have them checked by their medical provider. A child diagnosed with strep throat is no longer contagious and can return to school 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has been started.

    You know your child better than anyone. If they are displaying symptoms that are concerning to you, consult with their medical provider. If you are unsure whether to send your child to school, consult with their medical provider or contact the school nurses.   Good hand washing is encouraged to keep everyone at MSES healthy!!!!



    Medication Order/Consent Forms:

    If your child requires medication to be administered during school hours, a written authorization form needs to be completed by both the Parent and the pediatrician. A medication consent form may be requested from the Health Office. Please do not send students to school with medication in their backpack. All medication must be dropped off by a parent or guardian to the He
    Copy and Paste LINK:
    Before you hit the blue button to "Upload Your Photos", PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use an Album Tag to describe the image(s) you are uploading. This will help significantly when adding to the yearbook. Thank you!
    The Album Tag should be labeled "Grade_Teacher_Event"
    For example: Grade 5_Whitehead_CrazyHatDay
    Any questions/concerns, feel free to email me at
    School Banking  

    Millbury Street Elementary School participates in Save for America, the School Savings Program, sponsored by Homefield Credit Union. The voluntary program gives students the opportunity to open and maintain a savings account while at school.  Students will learn the principles of saving, how to manage money and the importance of investing money for a return.  The Homefield Credit Union will begin new accounts with a $5.00 balance.  Students with new or existing accounts will be allowed to make deposits to their accounts on Wednesday mornings each week. Accounts from both North and South Grafton Elementary will be transferred to Millbury Street Elementary School. 

    Important Dates

    Jan 2 - School is back in Session

    Jan 8 - School Committee Mtg 7 pm

    Jan 10 - School Advisory Council 3:10 pm

    Jan 12 - Grafton Night at the Worcester Railers

    Jan 15 - SG-PTO Mtg 7 pm @ MSES Library

    Jan 17 - SEPAC 6 pm @ MSES Computer Lab

    Jan 18 - SG-PTO Movie Night

    Jan 21 - No School

    Jan 22 - School Committee 7 pm 

    Jan 29 - Half Day Dismissal @ 11:25 am

    Spring 2019 MCAS Testing Schedule 

    MSES School Improvement Plan

    Click HERE to read the MSES School Improvement Plan.  The school office is open from 7:45 am – 3:45 pm.  Please know that we are here to help.  If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, do not hesitate to contact us.

    CARES Certificates

    MSES staff and students can nominate a school community member for a CARES certificate when they have witnessed a deliberate act that exemplifies the core values of Cooperation, Assertiveness, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self-control.  Dr. Coakley or Mrs. Stocklin presents the certificate to the nominated student in their classroom so everyone can show appreciation for their kind act.  

    Lunch Menus

    Lunch menus are no longer being printed for every student. It can be accessed from the web page under Food Services. Families who are in need of a hard copy can request one through their child’s teacher. Free and Reduced lunch forms are available in hard copy from the school office or online.

    Friendly Reminder! Student Morning Drop Off

    Please do not drop children off at the school’s main entrance in the morning. Only buses may use this drive. If your child is being dropped off in the morning please pull into the main parking lot and drop your child off curbside at the side entrance to the building. Please try to have your child hop out of the car on the sidewalk and avoid pulling out from the curb and passing cars that children are exiting. Children may begin to enter the building at 8:10 AM. The instructional day begins at 8:25 AM. Any child arriving after that time is tardy and must check into to the office with the adult dropping them off. Thank you for your help!

    Reminder - Walking to School Wednesdays now until December and MSES Spirit Wear Days are held the last Friday of every month!

    SG-PTO Web Page 

    If your child takes medicine during the school day it needs to be delivered to the school nurses by a parent with the prescription label attached.  
    Parent Pick-up  
    If you will be picking up your child from school you must park your car and enter the building from the large parking lot by the cafeteria.  Parents will be able to enter the building at 2:50 pm.  The students are dismissed from the cafeteria by staff on duty.  Please form a line to sign out your child.  Parents are not permitted to enter the cafeteria during parent pick up. If your child will be a regular parent pick up please send in a note the first day of school stating the days you will pick them up.  If you need to place your child on the Parent Pick up List for a specific afternoon please send in a note that morning so we can add them to the sign-out sheet.  You may not pick up a child other than your own unless we have written permission of the parent. There is no parking in the fire lane in the front of the school during the school year. Please use the side lots and enter through the main entrance in front of the flagpoles.


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      About MSES:  Millbury Street Elementary School is a collaborative community of learners. Here at MSES, we promote academic success and help to develop responsible citizens in an inclusive environment. With adult support, students learn to be accountable in both academic and social situations. Our expectations empower children and staff to recognize, respect and celebrate individual talents and abilities. Technology is integral to our learning, sharing, and communicating. Learning together at MSES is challenging, interactive, fun, and exciting!

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