New Student Registration

  • Grafton Public Schools welcomes new families to the Grafton community.  To aid the registration process, we have provided the directions and necessary documents for you to fill out prior to your registration appointment or vistit with the school. 



    For all Grade Levels

    Parents/guardians please click on the link below to access the new student online registration forms.  Using the registration website, please complete a registration for each student being registered.  The submitted forms are automatically sent to the registrar/school.

    Parents/guardians will be required to create a secure family account the first time they access the registration website.  Please remember the email address and password used to create this account so you can access the account at a later time to complete a form or register additional students.  Please note there are various documents that must be downloaded, printed, completed and/or uploaded to complete the registration process.

    Click Here to Access the New Student Online Registration Forms

    You will be contacted via email when your registration form has been received.  Please check your email regularly for any follow-up.


    Parent/guardian should withdraw the student(s) from the school that they will be leaving and inform that school the following documents will need to be provided to Grafton Public Schools to properly enroll the student.

    • Transfer Card - If transferring from another Massachusetts public school.
    • Current Grades - If transferring in the middle of a marking period.
    • Last Report Card or Transcript
    • Discipline Report or Letter - MGL Ch. 71, Sec. 37L requires a discipline report or letter regarding discipline even if there are no incidents.
    • Signed IEP and Supporting Documents - If applicable
    • Signed 504 Plan and Supporting Documents - If applicable