• Updated rates are effective January 1, 2022.

    Click HERE to access the Use of Facilities and to make a request to use a facility

    Click HERE to pay for Use of Facilities

    IMPORTANT: All events require a deposit and a signed contract to be considered confirmed.

    If individuals have questions about space use or change in schedule, please email use_of_facilities@grafton.k12.ma.us.

    Please note the following:

    • Persons representing organizations or groups wishing to use school spaces need to register for an account first, then they can log in and complete the request form. 
    • Groups must commit to a specified time frame and will be charged for the full-time booked.
    • Requests for use of facilities will not be approved more than six (6) months in advance and are subject to cancellation based on school/district needs.
    • Agreed times are building ENTRY and EXIT times and not event start and end times.
    • Groups that have not exited the building by the contracted EXIT time will be charged three (3) times the posted rate (in 15 minute increments) for both facilities rental and custodial services. 
    • Bookings will not be accepted less than 4 days prior to the date of the event and bookings must be cancelled within 4 days or full payment will be expected.
    • The Custodial staff are scheduled for 1/2 hour before the entry, so they can turn off the alarms, check the areas and unlock the doors.  They are also scheduled for three hours after the exit, for cleanup and closing the building.  If they are there, for example, only one hour after the exit, the Permit is modified, removing the extra time and reducing the fees. 
    • For events over 100 people, two custodians are required.
    • Courts will remain available for rental to groups (i.e. camps) at $100 per hour. 
    • Everyone will be charged the rate per the current rate sheet.
    • Kitchens CANNOT be rented.
    • No open flames (including sterno cans or candles) inside buildings.
    • Due to the increase of summer school programs, there will be no events outside of school/town activities inside of ALL schools from August 1 through September 15.
    • Rates are subject to change without notice.
    • A current insurance certificate is required for all renters.
    • Proof of non-profit status is required to receive the reduced rate.
    • A signed agreement/permit is required for all events.  Failure to return or submit a signed contract within 4 weeks of an event will result in facilities being released to other requesters.


    Base A/V services include:

    • Basic audio will be the use of mixer/sound board or Crestron, connecting to laptop or iPad.
    • Basic lighting will include auditorium lights and whatever stage lighting is installed on stage.  No gels/gobos will be part of the base agreement.

    Any needs (i.e. lights/audio) beyond this list, you are required to reach out to New England Stageworks and schedule their audio/video expertise for your event.  Here is their contact info: https://www.newenglandstageworks.com/ - (617) 947-0434 - mark@newenglandstageworks.com