• Arrival and Dismissal Procedures at NSS


    Students may enter the building after 7:40; please do not drop your child

    before 7:40 as we do not have supervision. Our start time is 7:55, and dismissal will be at 2:25.

    Although it will make the most sense when you see it in action, here’s a description of

    How we do arrival and dismissal:


     Buses will come in, loop around the back parking lot, and then queue up along the

     front of the school. Students will unload at 7:40. Adults will be on duty to greet students

     and ensure they go directly into the school. Fifth and sixth graders will go in the side

     entrance by the gym and 2nd-4th will enter through the main entrance. All classroom

     teachers will be in their classroom ready to greet students.


    Please drive in between the two rows of parked cars in the lot in front of

     the main entrance. A staff member will be present at the first car in line, and, after buses

     have unloaded, will direct cars to pull up along the sidewalk for students to depart from

     the car and walk along the sidewalk to enter the building at the side entrance by the

     music room/cafeteria. Please pull forward on the sidewalk as far as possible, and please

     do not exit your car and walk your child to the building, as cars behind you will be waiting

     to pull up to the sidewalk.



    All students going home by bus will be dismissed in one of three waves starting

     at 2:17. Waves 1 and 3 line up in the lobby; wave 2 lines up in the gym. Students are

     expected to stand/sit quietly in line. Staff members will be on duty in the lobby/gym with

     students as well as on duty outside. Buses are loaded as they arrive.


    Please drive in between the two rows of parked cars in the lot

     in front of the main entrance. There will be staff outside at the drop off/pick up lane

     who will radio in to staff to announce parental arrival/pick up. All students being picked

     up/walking will be called to the cafeteria with wave 1. Students will be expected to

     sit quietly and/or read a book. There will be staff on duty with these students. When

     notified of a parent/pick-up arrival, the inside staff will then direct that student in exiting

     the building. As students are dismissed, the inside staff member will check off students

     from the pick-up list. If a student is being picked up by someone other than a parent,

     please send a note with your child so it can be added to the list identifying who will be

     picking the child up that day. Walkers will be dismissed after the buses have departed

     and will be assisted while crossing the road. Students must have a note from a parent/

    gurdian if he/she will be walking or picked up. Students without a note will not be

    allowed to walk home.