• Welcome to Kindergarten at SGES.  We are looking forward to a fun year of learning, exploring and making friends.  We will begin each day with a Morning Meeting so that we are able to greet our friends and build community in our classroom.  Morning Meeting has the following components:


    • Greeting
    • Message
    • News and Announcements
    • Sharing (if applicable)
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    Dates to Remember:

    September 22nd     Hat Day at SGES!
    September 29         Early Release (Dismissal begins at 11:55)
    September 29th      School Spirit Day-wear your school spirit clothing or anything green
    October 3rd            School Pictures
    October 6th            Bus evacuation drill
    October 9th            Columbus Day-NO SCHOOL
    October 10th          PTO Meeting SGES Cafeteria at 7:00pm
    October 14th          Octoberfest 10:00-3:00
    October 26th          Progress Reports
    October 27th          Halloween Parade/Classroom Parties (Time TBD)


    Don't forget to sign up for Seesaw with your child's classroom teacher.  Seesaw is an app that allows you to receive updates, photos and reminders about your child's day in Kindergarten! 


    Please return requests for a bank savings account as soon as possible!


    When you send a note in with your child, please make sure it has your child's first and last name and classroom teacher. Thank you for your cooperation.




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    Recently, Kindergarten students listened to the story, Have You Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. This heartwarming book encourages positive behavior by using the concept of an invisible bucket to show children how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation and love by "filling buckets." Each classroom has a bucket that gets filled when students display positive behavior and engage in random acts of kindness.


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    Thank you for all of your generous donations to our classroom supplies!  We appreciate everything that was sent in and we will put it all to good use in each classroom!

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    We have introduced the lowercase letters t and b.  This week we will introduce the lowercase letter f.  Please look in your child's green folder for more information.


    We have introduced the sight words the and to.  This week we will introduce the sight word and.  We practice saying and spelling sight words as they are introduced and students are encouraged to look for these words while they are reading books in the classroom.


    In addition to learning about letters, sounds and sight words, we have been introducing the students to proper pencil grip and the correct way to sit in a seat when writing. Please ask your child what a "ready writing position" looks like!

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    Each Kindergarten classroom has a CAFE board.  CAFE stands for the following:




    Expand Vocabulary

    Kindergarten students are introduced to a variety of reading strategies that they can use to help them become better readers. Throughout the year, we focus on the following strategies:

    Comprehension strategies focus on character and setting.  We encourage students to Check For Understanding, while reading and/or listening to stories, by asking who is in the story, where does the story take place and what is happening in the story.

    Accuracy strategies focuses on Eagle Eye (using the pictures to help figure out the words) and Lips the Fish (getting our lips ready to sound out a word), Tappy Turtle (tapping out unfamiliar words) and Stretchy Snake (stretching out the words in order to read them).

    Fluency strategies focus on knowing letters, sounds and sight words (as introduced) and being able to fluently read them.

    Expand Vocabulary focuses on learning new and interesting vocabulary words.  At SGES, we have a Word of the Week which is announced every morning, used in a sentence and then discussed throughout the day in classrooms.  The Word of the Week this week is: COMFORTING

    We will send more information throughout the year as we introduce new strategies and help the students practice these strategies.  Thank you for your support at home.


  • Daily 5  DAILY 5


    Students in Kindergarten have been practicing some components of our Daily 5 reading program.  We will introduce the following components over the next few weeks:


    Read To Self

    Read To Someone

    Listen To Reading

    Word Work

    Work on Writing


    Read To Self is a time during the day when students read alone in a quiet area of the classroom.  Students use their individual book boxes with a variety of books to read.  We are working on building stamina in Kindergarten and most classes are doing Read To Self for 3-4 minutes. 


    Read To Someone is a time during the day when students read with a partner in the classroom.  Students use their individual book boxes with a variety of books to read.  Students must sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee (EEKK) when participating in Read To Someone.


    Listen To Reading is a time during the day when students sit and listen to a story on CD in the classroom.  Students sit together or alone to listen to the story and then they complete a follow up activity based on the story they just listened too.


    Word Work is a time during the day when students sit and work in small groups.  Word Work can include using various ipad apps, building sight words, practicing letter formation with sand, shaving cream and/or Play-Doh.


    Work on Writing is a time during the day when students work on letter formation using paper and pencil, practice writing sight words, sentences, stories and labeling.


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  • Weekend News WRITING

    Every Monday, students in Kindergarten are given a chance to share and draw about their weekend. Students are encouraged to use detail in their drawings and we are practicing how to draw people. Some students forget what they did over the weekend or confuse the weekend with vacation. Maybe you could have a discussion on Sunday evening or Monday morning about a weekend activity they want to share with the class.


    As we model drawing pictures for weekend news, we are showing the students how to draw a person and add details to a picture to make it more realistic.

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  • Math       MATH


    We have been practicing counting to 5 in Kindergarten.  We have also worked on sorting objects in different ways.


    At home you can practice counting objects like pennies, goldfish crackers, buttons or dry beans.  Students enjoy using one die to practice their subitizing skills. Roll a die and see how quickly your child can say the number without counting the dots (subitizing).


    This week we will review the 5 basic 2D shapes; circle, triangle, rectangle, square and hexagon.  Look for shapes around the house and decide together what shape the objects are!


    Module 1 focuses on the following concepts:

    • Number: Creating groups of objects and pictures to match numerals (1 to 5)
    • Data: Sorting into two categories and yes/no graphs  
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  • Science SCIENCE


    In Science, we are talking about the 4 seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer). We are also talking about weather changes as seasons change.


    In October, we will begin recording the weather (including temperature) and talk about changes in the weather over time.  At the end of each month we will talk about weather patterns for the month and changes that we have observed.


    We will begin discussing the 5 senses (hearing, vision, taste, smell, and touch).


    In addition to our Science curriculum, our PTO has purchased a subscription to Science Spin through Scholastic. Science Spin is a learning magazine with a monthly theme that focuses on our current Kindergarten curriculum. These magazines help to supplement our current science curriculum. Please look in backpacks for your child's Science Spin magazine. Some past magazines have included the following topics:


    5 Senses

    Extreme Weather

    What Scientists Do

    Ice and Snow

    Life Cycles



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  • community helpers  SOCIAL STUDIES


    We are learning about community helpers.

    This week, Officer Alves from the Grafton Police Department visited the Kindergarten students during lunch. The kids had alot of quaetions for Officer Alves!  Over the next few weeks we will be learning about many different kinds of community helpers, including, librarians, fire fighters,veternarians, teachers and doctors and nurses.


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