First Grade Curriculum Updates

Please check back often for news about what we're learning as well as upcoming events at NGES! Here are the current updates:


    November 22-24th - No School - Thanksgiving Break

    December 6 - Report Cards

    December 9 - Santa's Breakfast

    December 14 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferneces (please be sure to sign-up)

    December 20 - Holiday Concert



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  • fundations

    After wrapping up Unit 4 with bonus letters and the glued sound "all,”  students will begin working on Unit 5 of Fundations.  Unit 5 presents the students with two new glued sounds.  Glued sounds are word families in which one or more of the sounds is altered a bit.  Students will be introduced to 'am' and 'an'.  We will discuss how the 'a' in 'an' or 'am' does not make the normal short vowel /a/ sound.  Instead, it is altered to say the /an/ or /am/ sound like in the words 'fan' or 'ham'.  We will continue to work with these glued sounds next week and after returning from Thanksgiving break!

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  • Math



    Students in first grade will be exploring two-digit numbers in Math Workshop. We will be playing different partner tasks using a variety of manipulatives - place value blocks, unifix cubes, number cubes and the hundreds chart. The children will use an open and closed numeral expander to write the two-digit numbers. The closed expander enables them to start seeing a two-digit number represented as a single number while still being aware of what each digit in the numeral represents. Students will also record numbers 1 to 100 on a blank hundreds chart. 




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  • writers workshop In Writers' Workshop next week, we will discuss that good writers use punctuation in their writing to help their reader understand how the story should sound. Mini lesson will focus on how different ending punctuation (periods, exclamation marks, and question marks) change the meaning of a sentence as well as the way in which it is read. In addition, students  will learn that when characters speak in a story, their spoken words are surrounded by quotation marks. To practice using quotation marks, we will ask students to share their disguised turkeys (this week's homework!) and to think about what their turkey would say to avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving. They will practice writing this quote in a speech bubble which, combined with their turkey in full disguise, convinces any farmer looking for his turkey dinner that there are no turkeys here in first grade!

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  • Last week we learned about Veteran's Day and why we celebrate our veterans. Students made cards for either veterans in their lives or cards to be donated to the Veteran's Inc located in Worcester. The veteran's were very excited and appreciative of our words of thanks! 


    Next, we will be learning about Thanksgiving and focusing on what it represents. We will be engaging in our own 'Thanksgiving Feast' with our classrooms. More details about this feast will come from your child's classroom teacher! 

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  • 1A - Ms. Leroux
    1B -  Mrs. Anderson
    1C - Mrs. Carr
    1D - Mrs. Fletcher
    1E - Ms. Eknoian
    1F - Mrs. Gieser
    Special Ed - Mrs. Bartlett
    Reading Specialist - Beth Thulin

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