WHAT DO I DO IF………………

    …my child is going to ride another bus? Students are currently not allowed to change buses due the number of students riding buses.  If there is a childcare concern, a note must be brought to the office at the start of the school day.  The note will be stamped by the GMS office, and signed by an administrator.  Students need to pick the note up at lunch or dismissal and give it to the bus driver, along with their bus pass, before they will be allowed to ride that bus.  

    …my child is tardy to school?  All students who are tardy to school need to check-in at the main office.  They must be escorted into the building by a parent or have a signed parent note.  Unexcused tardies may result in detention. 

    …my child is absent from school?   Please call the absence phone line (508-839-5420).  When your child returns to school they must have a note excusing their absence.

    …my child is going to be dismissed?  Any student who is being dismissed must give a note that includes the dismissal time, to the office or their first period teacher the morning of their dismissal.  Parents need to come into the main office to sign their child out.

    …my child gets a ride to school?  Students will enter the school at the gym/auditorium entrance. Cars are expected to follow and adhere to all traffic signs, as the the GMS/GHS campus will be very busy with cars. 

    …my child is getting picked up after school?  Parent pick-ups take place after all buses have been dismissed.  Parents pick their children up in the same place that they dropped them off (the U-Shaped Loop that is designated for "Parent Drop Off/Pick Up") . Students being picked up after 1:55PM do not need to bring a note to school. 

    …my child received a detention?  Detentions can be assigned on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Students will receive at least 24 hours notice when a detention is issued.  Any student who skips a detention, and has not provided a parent note, will move to the next discipline level.  Detentions run from approximately 2:00PM-3:00PM; however, a specific time will be confirmed. It is the child’s responsibility to arrange transportation in advance.

    …my child forgets his/her lunch money?  Students without lunch money will be able to charge lunch for that day.  It is expected that all lunch charges will be paid to the office the following day. 

    …I need to get a message to my child?  Parents can call and leave a message with the school secretary.  If a parent needs to speak with their child during class time, the child will return the call during their lunchtime or as soon as educationally possible.  Students will not be called to the phone unless it is an emergency.  Please note that School Committee Policy JICJ states “A student’s cell phone or paging device* must be placed in a backpack or secured in a locker during school hours, while on school buses or during a school-sponsored activity, and must be turned off during school hours.”

    …we are going on vacation during school time?  Grafton Public Schools discourages vacations during school time.  Classroom lessons are an invaluable part of the learning process, and these lessons cannot be recreated.  If a trip cannot be avoided, please notify the office in writing. Assignments are not made available to students in advance; however, some teachers may assign work that pertains to the trip.  Please be advised that this does not replace missed assignments.  Upon return to school, it is the student’s responsibility to collect and complete missed work.

    …my child forgets something?  When a parent brings a forgotten lunch, homework, project, etc., to school it must be clearly labeled and brought to the main office.  Students will be called to the office at an appropriate time to retrieve their materials.  Every effort is made not to interrupt classes.

    …my child loses something?  If an article is lost or missing, the student should immediately notify the office.  Found items are brought to the GMS Main Office and placed in the "lost and found" area. 

    …my child is having a problem with another student?  Parents should contact their child’s teachers and/or administrators when they become aware of a problem.  If the problem involves a question of student safety or building security, the parent should also contact a building administrator immediately. 

    …my child needs medication during the school day?  All medications must be kept in the Nurse's Office under the supervision of the nurse.  Only those medications that arrive in their original container with the doctor’s prescription can be administered. Forms are available in the Nurse's Office.  The nurse is available during the day to speak with parents.  Students are not permitted to carry medication in school.

    …I need to contact a teacher?  Teachers are available via the telephone or email. Email addresses contain the last name of the teacher followed by the first initial of the first name. All email addresses are then followed by @grafton.k12.ma.us

    …my child is not having academic success?  Parents should contact the teacher or teachers to determine the most effective way to address the situation. 

    …I would like to meet with my child’s teacher/team?  Parents should contact the teacher or team to schedule a time that is mutually convenient.  Teachers are sometimes available during the school day, and after school.

    …I’m having a problem with a teacher?  Parents should attempt to resolve any issues by dealing directly with that teacher.  If an acceptable solution cannot be reached, parents should contact a building administrator.

    …I have a bus problem?  If it is a question or problem related to the bus route, stop, or time, please either email businfo@grafton.k12.ma.us or contact AA Transportation at 508-791-9100 - Extension 2.  For other issues, please contact the GMS Main Office for assistance. The Grafton Public Schools website has more info regarding transportation under the corresponding tab. 

    …my child doesn’t come home when expected?  Students are expected to make plans in advance.  If your child does not come home as expected, parents should immediately call the school.  Every effort will be made to determine whether your child is here, or elsewhere.

    …my child has no transportation for after-school activities?  Grafton Middle School does not provide transportation from after-school activities.  If a child wishes to participate in after-school activities, arrangements must be made by the parent for pick-up.

    …I want PowerSchool Parent access?  Grafton Middle School shares instructions for creating a parent portal account in PowerSchool in our weekly newsletter.  If you are unable to locate these instructions, please contact the main office secretaries. 

    …my child has spent the allotted time on homework but hasn’t finished the assignment(s)?  Students should not be spending more than 2 hours on homework assigned on that day.  If your child received the assignment(s) today, and after two hours has not finished, please write a note for your child indicating such.  Your child should share the note with the teachers affected.

    …my child needs extra support?  Grafton Middle School has a professional staff that includes:  Administrators, Teachers, Support Staff, an Adjustment Counselor, a School Psychologist, a Registered Nurse, and a School Resource Officer. See Parent/Student Handbook & Guide for more information about these positions.