American History I Level 10

  • Instructor: Ms. Fassett   

    Level 1                    5.0 credits            Grade 10

    The course is part one of a two-year survey course of American History.  It is designed to enhance the students’ knowledge of various aspects of American society from Colonial and Revolutionary America through the Reconstruction. Students will study the causes and consequences of the American Revolution, the crisis that led to the development of the Constitution, the early national period, the reform movements of the 1800s, the expansion of West, and the causes and consequences of the Civil War. Students will continue to develop the following literacy skills, citing textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources, describing and analyzing events and determining causal relationships as well as comparing and contrasting the point of view of two or more sources. Students are also required to participate in class and small group discussion. A variety of assessment strategies are implemented.

    Extra Help:  I am available for extra help everyday during advisory, before school from 7:00-7:20 and afterschool until 2:10.  I will always make arrangments to be available for extra help at additional times if necessary.  Please see me if you need extra help.  


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