School Improvement Council

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    Grafton Middle School’s (GMS) 2016-2017 School Improvement Council is seeking to fill the position of Community Member. A parent of a student in either grade 5 or 6 would serve as an excellent community member since this role provides an opportunity to  familiarize oneself with GMS and contribute to school improvement efforts. Community members have also been parents of older children (who may now be adults) and would like to contribute through volunteering within the Grafton school community. Working side by side with the GMS Principal, parent and teacher members, you will learn a great deal about the workings of the school and have an impact on them.

    The GMS School Improvement Council meets once per month for one hour at 2pm - 3pm on a Wed afternoon. We focus primarily on developing the school's improvement plan as well as the budget process and parent/guardian survey creation/analysis.

    If you would like to become more involved in the school improvement process, please contact Roseanne Kurposka either by email at or by telephone at 508-839-5420. Thank you, in advance, for sharing this request with others!