All GMS students will rotate through each of the following Related Arts classes for 1 Cycle (approximately 25 classes) in both Gr. 7 & Gr. 8:

    Art, Music, Phys. Ed, Tech Ed, Health and Computer 

    In addition to the Cycle rotation of RA Classes, students will receive an Enrichment period in each Cycle. Enrichment is offered in Art, Phys. Ed, Computer, Health, and Tech Ed., Personal Finance, Grafton History and more.

Concert Band
  • Students also have the option to take BAND or CHORUS
    or BOTH Band and Chorus.
    Students who take Band and Chorus DO NOT take  Enrichment classes. 
    Band and Chorus are full year classes and students will participate in a Winter and Spring Concert.
GMS Chorus
Mrs. Kelleher