2019-20 Theatre Productions




    Grease cast and crew lists are complete and posted!

    2020 Spring Musical update:



    Rehearsal Schedule wil be the following:

    Mon 6:00-9:00* ( Music)

    Tues 3:15-6:15 (Drama)

    Thurs 3:15-5:15/6:15 (Choreo) until 5:15 Jan 29, Feb 5 then until 6:15

    Fri 3:15-6:30* ( Combo of Drama/Choreo/Music)

    * please note we have extended Monday night to 9:00 pm and Fridays to 6:30 pm for this show

    Attendance at all required rehearsals for your role/ spot on crew is imperative! All cast members will need to attend music, choreo and at least one drama rehearsal per week.  All crew will be given a schedule to follow accordin to your area and wll be patyially based on your conflicts. The Google calendar is shared on this page and will be shared with all cast and crew once those lists are determined. You must give us any scheduling conflicts in advance so we can plan our rehearsals accordingly. If you have more than 2 unexcused absences, you will forfeit your role or spot on crew. We ask for direct communication with directors on any attendance issues, not through your peers!  

    Thank you!


    Important Info:

    The performances are April 3, 4, 5.

    Tech week is March 30 - April 2 every night from 5:00-10:00 pm. You must attend all tech rehearsals in order to be on cast or crew for the show.


    Thirteen Past Midnight Cast Fall 2019


    13 past midnight cast


    Thirteen Past Midnight Crew Fall 2019


    13 past midnight crew




    It's Wonderful Life Crew Fall 2018

    It's a Wonderful Life Crew

    It's Wonderful Life Cast Fall 2018


    It's a Wonderful Life Cast

    Mamma Mia Cast Spring 2019

    Mama Mia Cast


    Mamma Mia Crew Spring 2019


    Mamma Mia Crew



    The GHS Theatre program is an extracurricular activity for students interested in all aspects of theatrical performance. Each year the program presents two full scale productions: A fall play and a spring musical. Students have the opportunity to perform onstage or work behind the scenes to bring these productions to life.