2019-20 Theatre Productions

  • 2019-20 updates:

    Crew Meet & Greet Tuesday September 17th at 3:00 pm

    Thank you to everyone who auditioned! We opted for double casting in roles where we felt auditions were equivalent. Please see the note below about performances and showcases. We encourage those students who are double cast to work closely with their counterpart to memorize lines and develop their character. This is a great opportunity for theatrical collaboration! Comparison or negative comments about people in roles on opposing nights will not be tolerated.

    For those who were not cast, we encourage to join us on Tuesday September 17th  for our Crew Meet & Greet at 3:00 pm. There are many opportunities available to make this production a reality and we would love all of you to be a part of it!


    Thirteen Past Midnight - Cast List

    Brenda Moss- Gabby Costa 

    Durwood- Shawn Bajwa

    *Lila Lamont- Libby Grace, Christina Burri

    Toni Crawford- Delaney Hanna

    *Eve Fulton- Anna Fiore, Katherine Dowling

    Skyler Trent- Brenden Bartlett

    *Kathryn Winslow- Mia O’Donnell, Alexa Formato

    *Allison Trent- Sophia Coldwell, Julia McGlynn

    *Talbert Worthington- JJ Fields, Ryan Tierney 

    *Louise Burke- Zayda Waters, Kelsey Sidman

    Chad Martin- Chase Landry

    *Zara Dare- Juliana Kallio, Emma Fettig

    *Gary Anderson- Nate Briggs, Connor O’Neil

    Victor Winslow- Matt Cournoyer

    *Maureen O’Malley- Nikki Izquierdo, Madigan Linnane

    Pete Griffin- Ian Choi

    *Indicates role is double cast: First person listed will play the role on Friday night, second person listed will play the role on Saturday night and the Sunday matinee. 

    Friday night performers will be in the last two school showcases, Saturday night/Sunday performers will be in the first school showcase.

    Fall Play is "Thirteen Past Midnight",  a comedic murder mystery, please see other sections of the Theatre page for show info, audition and crew info


    Spring Musical will be announced soon...


    Thank you for a terrific 2018-19 season! We are proud of our cast and crew from "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Mama Mia"!

    It's Wonderful Life Crew Fall 2018

    It's a Wonderful Life Crew

    It's Wonderful Life Cast Fall 2018


    It's a Wonderful Life Cast

    Mamma Mia Cast Spring 2019

    Mama Mia Cast


    Mamma Mia Crew Spring 2019


    Mamma Mia Crew



    The GHS Theatre program is an extracurricular activity for students interested in all aspects of theatrical performance. Each year the program presents two full scale productions: A fall play and a spring musical. Students have the opportunity to perform onstage or work behind the scenes to bring these productions to life.