• Grafton High School offers a wide range of opportunities for students with individual special needs.  The goal is to maximize successful learning experiences within the least restrictive learning environment, consistent with the special education regulations Chapter 71B-603CMR 28.00.  The department develops programs for those students who may need specialized strategies, accommodations or modifications of curriculum in order to participate fully in the high school community and prepare for post secondary goals.  Students who participate in specific special education courses as part of their core curriculum in English language arts, mathematics, science or social studies are provided the same course content as that in regular education courses with modifications in place to accommodate the needs of the student.  Services are only open to students who have been evaluated by an assessment team and have a current, signed Individualized Educational Program (I.E.P.).  The I.E.P. team will determine appropriate placement for each student according to his or her current Individualized Educational Program.   

    Two specialized programs have also been developed to assist students:   (1) The language-based program is designed for students who require remedial instruction due to language learning disabilities.  Sequential courses in English language arts, social studies, mathematics and science are offered using a multi-sensory differentiated model.  Each course follows the high school curriculum and focuses on application to real world experiences.  Selected electives are also offered to help students make the transition to full inclusion in mainstream high school courses.  Class experiences are designed with clear behavioral expectations and supports, which focus on the development of basic skills to help students make the transition to full inclusion in mainstream high school courses.  Transition planning may include work-study, school or community service and early release as well as relevant applied pre-vocational experiences. Preparation for post-secondary education and employment is also emphasized.   
    (2)  The Functional School to Work program (Pathways for 14-18 year olds and Directions for 18-22 year olds) is designed for students who require significant support and more individualized goals and objectives.  The content of the Pathways program will emphasize activities relating to daily living, functional academics to include English, math, science and social studies, and prevocational training in specific identified areas.  Students will participate in community activities to reinforce social and communication skills, problem solving skills, as well as general life skills needed to foster their independence and transition to real life experiences. The content of the Directions program emphasizes vocational training and provides job placement and onsite training as appropriate.  The program also provides structure, individualization and a nurturing environment in the student’s community.  Depending on the student’s abilities, the program prepares them for daily activities and/or workshops of competitive employment. 

    Parents, please refer to your child's academic support teacher located on their schedule.  They will be your son/daughter's academic and educational liaison.  Please forward any concerns regarding their academic achievement to them.  Thank you and I hope that your child has a wonderful, productive and memorable school year.