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    Important Info 

    Snacks: We will have a snack everyday around 10:30. Please have your child bring a snack and drink to school EVERYDAY! All snacks need to be quick and easy to eat. They also need to be PEANUT-FREE. Please send a spoon/fork if your child needs it for their snack. Snacks will be taken out of lunchboxes when school starts and kept in the classroom at room temperature in the snack bin. No cold foods that need an ice pack should be sent as a snack (yogurts, cheese, etc.). 

    Lunch: Students can bring a lunch from home or get lunch at school. Lunch is FREE for everyone this year. Students MAY bring lunches containing peanuts and/or food that needs to be kept cold in their lunchbox with an ice pack. 

    Water Bottles: Please send your child to school with a water bottle every day! The water fountains in our classrooms are not being used this year. Students can keep their water bottles on their desks all day. 

Classroom Announcements

  • Corrected Work
    Papers that I correct come home with one of the following marks at the top:
    Check plus plus- everything is correct and the challenge section was correct
    Check plus- everything is correct
    Check- there were mistakes made and then fixed independently at school
    DWH- Mistakes were fixed with the help of a teacher
    DT- Done together as a class