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    Hello, I am a second grade special education teacher primarily working with students in grade 2. I am excited to be back in school and working with your child. Stay tuned for announcements and news over the upcoming weeks!


  • Curriculum Update 1/13

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      Daily 5: The students have been learning the "text features" found in nonfiction reading material. Some features they will be exploring are table of contents, glossary, index, photo captions, sidebars, etc.  They are also checking for understanding of this genre by reading a passage and then saying, "I just learned...".  Each day they spend a portion of their "Read to Self" time reading nonfiction books.  

      Writing: We have begun "Informative Writing" during this academic block.  The children have discovered they can find information from many resources ,such as, books, experts, videos, and the Internet when writing a research report.  The topic for our first nformative writing was penguins!  They are using all of the above cited resources when working on this project.  

      Math: During this academic block we have been adding two-digit numbers with and without regrouping.  Students will be introduced to many different strategies to help them solve these higher level math problems.  Ask your child to show you how to add 43+35 using the "expanded form" strategy.

      Fundations: In class we have been learning to read and spell words with "open syllables".  Open syllables contain one vowel and the vowel makes the long sound.  A few examples are no, me, and hi.  These syllables can be combined with other syllables ,such as, behind and pony.

      Science: Our focus in science has been on the three forms of matter with an emphasis on solids. The class learned the properties of a solid (size, shape, color, mass, texture) and how they can be altered through a physical or chemical change. We have some very advanced scientists in our class!!