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  • Coming soon to the MSES cafeteria - Important People plays: The Courage of Helen Keller, Neil Armstrong-First Man on the Moon, Susan B. Anthony-A Vote for the Future. My friends are very excited to be in a play and they are memorizing all their lines! Wow! We will start using props soon to practice getting use to having them around us. Also know that we have costumes already in the classroom. Only Narrators need to wear a nice outfit from home.

    See you on April 8th at 1:45 in the MSES cafeteria - This is our first time on stage!

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    Pajama Program!
    Our WHOLE SCHOOL decided to take part in the Pajama Program! This is a nonprofit organization that provides new pajamas and books to children in need - especially those living in group homes, shelters, foster care, and orphanages. As a WHOLE SCHOOL, we collected412 Pajamas and 299 books!!! Thank you so much for your generosity!
    Our 2A Class is Mellowing
    2A is now mellowing. Our hopes and dreams goals for this year are written and hung up to remind us. We have discussed the rules for our class and written them down too. We signed our names to the rules and follow them quite well.

    Fundations is on the last stretch with a practice in Unit 11 with review week on the double vowel team of ee, ea, ey and e-e. We have lots of fun practicing with activities like Making Words-finding words within words, Soccer-practice spelling pattern words with a soccer buddy, Roller Coaster-another way to practice with a partner on the boardwalk, Archaeology-word study practice. 

    Our Daily 5 Reader's Workshop is going well. We have worked on Read to Self and are working on Read to Someone "checking for comprehension". We'll continue to work on Finding good fit books, shopping for them, and filling our boxes with interesting reading materials on our instructional and independent level. We are reading like crazy-fiction, non-fiction, poetry. It's awesome! The children of Room 22 are up to 24 minutes of reading stamina. Yahoo!

    In Math, we continue working with addition and subtraction grouping and regrouping for 2 & 3 digit numbers using a number line, 100's chart, expanded form and base 10 model with an introduction to the algorithm. We are currently working on non-standard and standard measurement using inches, feet, yards, and centimeters to measure everything in our classroom. We are working really hard but having fun at the same time.

    Our new Writing journals are getting a lot of use because we try to write in them every day-it's so exciting. Some of the personal narratives we write will be used for our Writer's Workshop books along with the our How to Explanatory, Non-fiction important people, Poetry, Voice and Opinion writing. 

    Check out the website!!
    Animal Habitats for Kids Just click the name and it will bring you to the site. Have fun with your family!
    In Social Studies we just finished our Economics unit with Producers/Consumers, Good and Services and Needs and wants. 
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