Degrees and Certifications:

Nidhi Relan

Ms. Relan is a MA state-licensed educator in Biology[8-12], Chemistry[8-12], and General science[5-8]. As a part of her educational experience, she has completed B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education), M.Sc.(Master of Science), B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) and Diploma in Education. She has also completed an AP workshop from Bridgewater state university along with CPR training and certification. Ms. Relan currently teaches AP Biology and Anatomy & Physiology at Grafton High School. In the past, Nidhi has taught General Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science. She believes that instructions in the higher grades should build on learners' emerging capabilities for developing abstract reasoning, including thinking hypothetically, comprehending cause and effect, and reasoning in concrete and abstract terms. Her philosophy is that each child has strength in different areas and advances at their own unique pace, so as a mentor, her goal is to provide learners ample opportunities to excel both in and out of the class. Apart from teaching, her hobbies are listening to music and reading science blogs.