• In order to graduate from Grafton High School, a student must meet all credit and course requirements listed below.   Students must also successfully pass the Next Generation Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) test with a minimum competency determination score of 500 (Meeting Expectations) on the English Language Arts and Math MCAS exams, or score at least a 470 (Partially Meeting Expectations) and complete additional academic assistance (Educational Proficiency Plan) to succeed in that subject area to earn a high school diploma.  Additionally, students must meet or exceed the minimum Needs Improvement score (a scaled score of 220 or higher) on the Science and Technology/Engineering MCAS Test. (Next Generation MCAS competency scoring for STE TBD).  The MCAS tests measure content knowledge and skills related to learning standards in the previously mentioned content areas.  Students who perform exceptionally well may qualify for scholarships applicable to Massachusetts state colleges and universities.  

grad req chart