With the start of the 2022-23 school year, the Grafton Public Schools adopted the Star Assessments (in reading and math) by Renaissance.  The assessments are computer-adaptive tests that measure student achievement.  As a student takes the assessment, the software selects items based on the student's responses.  If the student answers the item correctly, the software increases the difficulty level of the next time.  If the students answers the item incorrectly, the software lowers the difficulty level of the next item.

    The data provided to teachers from the Star Assessments helps to determine if students are mastering state standards and helps to identify individual student’s strengths and weaknesses so teachers  can plan appropriate personalized instruction. Reports available within the Star platform help educators see student growth and provides recommendations for skills the student(s) should work on next. Reports help identify the continuums of concepts, strategies, behaviors, and skills students develop as they progress through increasingly sophisticated levels of understanding to meet grade-level expectations.

    This website is designed as a supplement to the resources found within the Renaissance (Star) application to provide teachers with quick and easy access to information relative to the administration of the Star Assessment within the Grafton Public Schools.