About Me

Phone: 508-839-5420


Degrees and Certifications:

BA - Biology and Environmental, Science & Policy - Clark University MA - Environmental, Science & Policy - Clark University Professional Certificate - Occupational Health and Safety - Northeastern University Post baccalaureate - Middle School Education - Worcester State University

Mrs. Beth Parker

This year, we will be examining how the matter and energy influence the world around us. We will explore scientific inquiry, matter and its interaction, the transformation of energy, and motion and stability. Topics will be taught in a hands-on learning environment where students will have the opportunity to see how science works together with all other disciplines (STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics).


Extra Help
Extra help usually will be offered on Wednesdays after school each week.  Please let me know one day in advance that you will be staying.

 Materials for this school year:
♦ 1.5 to 2 inch Three-Ring Binder to keep notes, readings and assessments
♦ Loose Leaf Note Paper
♦ 2 Plastic Internal Dividers with Pockets
♦ One 1-inch binder clip
Additional supplies for all classes, including science:
♦ 2 - 3 Differenent Color Highlighters
♦ Calculator (the one required by your math teacher is fine)
♦ Pencils
♦ Dark blue or black ink pens
♦ Colored Pencils for labs and projects
♦ GMS Agenda