• GHS library services enrich and support the curriculum, mission and expectations of Grafton High School with a variety of print and electronic resources. Library resources also address the many intellectual and social needs of students, faculty, and staff.




    If anyone needs any help with library resources or Virtual High School while school is closed, feel free to email me at kellerp@grafton.k12.ma.us 




    The library is open from 7:10am until 2:10pm.  Friday the library stays open until 4pm. Please see Mrs. Keller to confirm she is staying until 4pm.   


    Students may visit the library before and after school, at lunch, and during the school day by arrangement with teachers and Mrs. Keller. Students may come during Advisory with a librarian-issued pass.  Students must e-mail Mrs. Keller before 9:30am to request a pass.  The amount of passes are limited.  


    Please note, the library is closed during Second lunch.


    Advisory Schedule  

    Please fill out this form to request a pass. 

    Monday -   

    Tuesday -   




    Materials are signed out before they are taken from the library and should be returned by the assigned due date.  Overdue reminders are issued, but there are no overdue fines.

    To book the library or the library Mac lab, please use SuperSaas.  


GHS Library Electronic Resources