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    Welcome to our curriculum website! This site allows us to share our district curriculum in a curriculum map. A curriculum map is a tool for collecting and organizing the core skills and content taught in each subject area at each grade level. These maps are valuable tools for understanding student learning; however, they are outlines and as a result, cannot capture the rich, multi-dimensional curricula we teach.

    Our maps contain the following information:

    • Standards - Standards are learning targets derived from state curriculum frameworks and other frameworks, such as those for 21st Century Skills.
    • Essential Questions - Essential Questions focus on the underlying concept taught and promote inquiry.
    • Enduring Understandings - Enduring Understandings are statements summarizing important ideas and core processes that are central to a subject matter and have lasting value beyond the classroom.
    • Content - Content refers to the subject matter: key concepts, facts, and topics.
    • Skills - Skills are technical actions and strategies for demonstrating understanding of the content.


    Our maps are continually evaluated and refined by committees, curriculum coordinators, and administration. As educators we constantly strive to make our curriculum rigorous, meaningful, and cohesive. These maps present a living curriculum, one that is dynamic and responsive to the changing needs of students. As a result, some maps are still in progress.

    I hope you find our curriculum site to be a useful source of information about our educational program.


    Tracey Calo
    Assistant Superintendent