Teacher Resources

Elementary Manipulative Resources

  • Estimation 180 is a resource to help develop number sense. There are puzzles designated for each day of the school year, relating to estimation, critical thinking, and cooperative learning. Lessons can be done sequentially, as warm-ups, or even full lesson activites. 

    As starter/"how to use" guide can be found HERE

Growth Mindset

    • Show THIS video to your students to encourage them to start seeking their mathematical potential. It’s a good reminder for us teachers too who sometimes forget the power of believing in our potential!
    • ​Here are some descriptions of positive classroom norms for us to promote as we set up our mathematical expectations this year.

  • Yummy Math

    THIS is a great source of real-life mathematics activites. Topics include current events, pop culture, entertainment, weather, sports, and much more! All lessons are aligned to the Common Core and cover Grades 2-12.

    These are great opportunities for students to get a real-life perspective on the topics they are learning. Lessons are free to download as pdf files. If you would like an editable version of a lesson, as well as an answer key, please email us at Math Team and we will provide it for you!