Flyer Approval Process

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    Flyer Distribution Guidelines for Grafton Public Schools


    The Grafton Public School District cooperates with nonprofit community groups and organizations that sponsor activities of an educational/enrichment nature for students and staff by distributing materials electronically via our individual schools’ weekly newsletters and on our website.

    The Superintendent will evaluate the educational value of the materials or advertisements, the age or maturity of students in the intended audience, and whether the materials or advertisements support the mission and vision of the district.

    Flyers from outside community organizations that may be approved include:

    • Information from non-school sponsored youth sports and recreation activities offered in our community.
    • Information from municipal, government agencies in our community that are not political in nature.
    • Community organizations providing educational or enrichment services that may directly benefit students.

    Flyers may be denied if the content includes:

    • Information endorsing or promoting a specific religion, religious organization, political candidate, or position on a political issue.
    • Promotion of any content that is inconsistent with the mission and vision of Grafton Public Schools.
    • Promotion of content that is in direct conflict with a service, program or function that is already provided by Grafton Public Schools.
    • Any direct solicitation of money, except for dues for membership or fees for an activity announced in the material.

    Flyer Approval Process:

    Organizations seeking approval will email the Superintendent’s assistant, Lynn Leofanti, at least 2 weeks prior to the electronic distribution date. Organizations should attach a copy of the proposed flyer in PDF format and specify the appropriate grade levels for distribution.

    Once approval has been granted, the approved flyer will be sent to the appropriate schools and distributed electronically via the school’s weekly newsletter.  In addition, all flyers will be displayed on our website under the Community Heading.