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  • This section of the Human Resources Department page addresses Frequently Asked Questions.  If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please email Kristen Gasper, Director of Human Resources, at

  • How do I apply for tuition reimbursement?

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    Prior to course:

    1. Complete the Application for Approval form with principal’s signature and course description.
    2. Complete the Application for Initial Approval for Course Reimbursement form.
    3. Send completed forms to Central Office. Once approved by the Assistant Superintendent, forms will be returned to you to hold until course is completed.

    When course is completed:

    1. Submit all forms back to Central Office for final approval.  
    2. Please attach verification of course grade (3.0/b or higher) and proof of payment (Cc statement, cancelled check).

    All forms can be found in the main office at your school. Reimbursements are processed in June.  All completed forms must be submitted by the first Friday in June to be accepted.  Courses completed after the deadline will be processed the following school year.

    Questions?  Contact Lynn Leofanti at Central Office or 508.839.5421 ext. 1023



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  • How do I make a lane change?

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    1.  Write a letter to the Assistant Superintendent requesting the lane change and citing which degree has been conferred.

    2.  Complete the golden rod sheet (available at Central Office). Attach official transcript noting degree conferred and dates conferred.  Attach all course approval forms.  If you need information from your personnel file, please make an appointment with Central Office.   If going to Masters from B+15 the courses you will note are those you completed beyond the ones you used to get B+15.  

    3.  The Asst. Superintendent will review packet submitted, if complete a letter will be generated to Employee, Personnel File & Payroll. Lane changes are only to be submitted twice a year by September 15 or February 1 As per the teacher contract.


    **Please note:  Courses taken either for reimbursement, salary credit or BOTH MUST be pre-approved by the Superintendent**

    Questions?  Contact Lynn Leofanti at Central Office or 508.839.5421 ext. 1023


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  • How do I change my name?

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    When an employee legally changes their name
    1. The employee notifies the Human Resources Department and provides legal documentation (copy of marriage license, divorce decree).
    2. If the employee is a DESE licensed educator, the employee is responsible for contacting DESE to update their licensure:
    3. The name change will be updated across all of our technology and payroll systems.  A new badge with the updated name will be sent to the building.  
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  • How do I change my tax withholding?

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    Go to the website/Human Resource/Forms to find the current year W4 and M4. Consult with your tax accountant.  Complete a W4 form for Federal Tax Withheld and a M4 form for Mass State tax withheld.  Send the updated forms to Payroll.

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  • How do I change my direct deposit?

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    Complete a direct deposit form and submit to payroll office. 


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