• Building Curriculum Accommodation Plan

    When a student is identified as having an unfulfilled learning need, the classroom teacher will seek available resources, specialist and teacher consultation, parental input and expertise to clarify and address the learning challenge. Together they will develop and implement strategies that are designed to accommodate the individual needs of the student, while considering educational history and other educationally relevant individual information.  Each school has a Building Curriculum Accommodation Plan designed to assist the teacher with identifying potential accommodations to meet the needs of the learner.

    The administration of the Grafton Public Schools asks that each staff member view the Building Curriculum Accommodation Plan for the appropriate grade span.  After reviewing the documentation, complete and submit the certification form to verify that you understand the information.

    Grades K-1: https://www.graftonps.org/domain/509

    Grades 2-6: https://www.graftonps.org/domain/551

    Grades 7-12: https://www.graftonps.org/domain/421