Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What does integrated preschool mean?
    A: Integrated preschool refers to a preschool setting for children aged 3-5 that have special education AND typically developing needs. Classrooms in Grafton typically hold 1 more typically developing student to the number of special education students serviced in the classroom. This provides an opportunity for special education students to learn from the modeling of typically developing peers as well as providing typically developing peers the opportunity to participate in an inclusive and accepting educational environment with curriculum geared to their skill level. 

    Q: What is the preschool schedule?
    A: The Preschool runs Tuesday-Friday with two half-day sessions 9:00am-11:30am and 12:30pm-3:00pm and a full day session 9:00am-3:00pm. The preschool calendar follows the School District calendar with the following exceptions; preschool does not take place on Mondays and there is an alternate start and end date for preschool students. Please reference the school district calendar in the relevant documents section of this site. 

    Q: How old does my child have to be to qualify for the preschool program?
    A: For a child without disabilities, children are required to be age 3 before September 1st of the designated school year in order to qualify for enrollment. Students applying for full day programming will need to be 4 before September 1st of the designated school year. Children that may be found to be eligible for special education needs through the special education evaluation process may begin the indicated and consented services upon their third birthday of the designated school year.

    Q: How do I enroll my child for the preschool program?
    A: For students without disabilities, application forms are available in the relevant documents section of this website. They are also available in person at the Special Education Office on the second floor of the Municipal Center at 30 Providence Rd. Grafton, MA 01519, North Grafton Elementary School located at 46 Waterville Ave. North Grafton, MA 01536 and at South Grafton Elementary School at 90 Main St. South Grafton, MA 01560. Applications should be hand delivered between January 15 and February 15 to the Special Education Office on the second floor of the Municipal Center at 30 Providence Rd. Grafton, MA 01519. The lottery for available slots will be held in March. After the lottery is completed each child will participate in a preschool screening process. Once students are selected to fill open slots, a deposit of $250 for half day students and $600 for full day students is required to hold that spot. Once the deposit is received, an appointment must be made with the designated school's main office in order to register your child as a student. 

    Q: What if the school year already started, can I still enroll my child in Preschool?
    A: If the school year has already started and open slots are available we will continue to fill those slots throughout the school year as long as the student has turned 3 before Sept 1st of the designated school year. Please reach out to Nicole MacDonald, Preschool Coordinator at 508-839-5483 or 508-839-5484 or for open availability and questions regarding the application process.

    Q: What is preschool screening?
    A: Preschool screening takes place at North Grafton or South Grafton Elementary School. It is an opportunity for your child to participate with other children and a teacher/service provider in order to explore typically developing pre-academic, motor, and speech and language skills. Should concerns be noted in the preschool screening process, additional screening or potential evaluation may be recommended by those completing the screening. 

    Q: What documents do I need for preschool registration?
    A: In order to register as a student, the main office will require registration paperwork be completed, along with documentation of your child's medical history, including immunizations, birth certificate, and the families proof of residency and occupancy. Registration paperwork can be found under relevant forms. Please reference this link for more information on new student registration.

    Q: Do you offer transportation for preschool?
    A: Transportation is not offered to children attending the preschool that are not identified as a special education students. Transportation for typically developing students are at the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

    Q: Does my child need to bring anything with them to preschool?
    A: Please be sure to pack a peanut free snack and drink for your child as the students will have snack daily in their classrooms. For students participating in full day programming two snacks and a lunch are required. We do offer the opportunity for buying school lunch, please speak to your teacher about this option. It is recommended that you also pack a change of clothes for your child that can be left at school or kept in the child's backpack daily. 

    Q: When can I submit an application for preschool and when does the lottery take place?
    A: Applications will be accepted via hand delivery starting January 15th-February 15th to the Special Education Office on the second floor of the Municipal Center at 30 Providence Rd. Grafton, MA 01519. The Lottery will take place in March.

    Q: How many openings are available for typically developing students?
    A:  Available openings for typically developing students varies based on need. Grafton Public Schools maintains a ratio of 1 more than half of the students in an integrated preschool classroom be typically developing students. 

    Q: How many students will be in a classroom and how many teachers?
    A: Classrooms hold 15 students. There is one designated Teacher as well as one designated Paraprofessional assigned to each classroom. Additional support staff members may be assigned to special education students requiring additional support as indicated on their Individualized Education Program.

    Q: What would a typical day look like for my child in preschool?
    A: Classroom schedules are determined by the specific classroom teachers, however all classes participate in the following activities during the day; completion of routines (morning routine, snack routine, dismissal routine), outside or free play time, center-based activities (i.e. preacademic practice, art activities, dramatic play activities, manipulatives, etc.), and meeting activities (i.e. calendar, greetings, weather, etc.)

    Q: How much does preschool cost for a typically-developing child?
    A: The fee for the half day preschool program is $250 per month. The fee for a full day session is $600 per month. A discount of $250 is offered to those opting to make a one time payment. We do offer a reduced fee for those families that qualify for it. Ploease see the application and sliding scale under relevant forms. 

    Q: What do I do if I am concerned that my child may have a disability or a doctor/provider recommended I make a referral for a special education evaluation?
    A:   Please reach out the Nicole MacDonald, Preschool Coordinator and Team Chairperson at 508-839-5483 or 508-839-5484 or to explore your options regarding a potential special education evaluation for your child. 

    Q: When can special education services start for my child of preschool age (3-5)?
    A:  Special education services are determined based on a special education evaluation and determination of eligibility for special education services. Should your child be found eligible for special education services through the evaluation process, services can begin on or after your child's 3rd birthday.