Accessing enVision Math Resources from Home


    The Grafton Public Schools is excited to have students begin using the enVision Math 2.0 digital resources both in school and at home.
    To access the online resources please follow the steps outlined below.  Click here for directions on accessing the e-text from an iPad.
    You will need your student's PowerSchool username and password; this information is sent home to parents at the beginning of the school year.  If needed, you should ask your child' teacher for this information.
    Step 1:  From a web browser on an internet enabled device, go to and click on the PowerSchool icon (A+) under the large rotating image.  Log in using the student username and password provided to you. 
    Step 2:  Click on Pearson Courses found in the list at the left of the screen. 
         Pearson Courses
    Step 3:  Click on enVision Math 2.0 Common Core Grade _ 2016
    Step 4:  The first time your student logs in to enVisions 2.0, they will be asked to personalize their screen.  If they logged in at school, this screen will already have been personalized.
       Peasron Realize  
    Step 5:  Choose what you would like to do, access the program, a class assignment or online graded activity.