• A Night Divided

    Posted by Robin Goldstein on 8/27/2016

    A Night Divided by Jennifer A Nielson


    Warning:  Once you begin this book, you will have a difficult time putting it down.

    This book is both a stunning thriller and a historical fiction at the same time.  Our main character, Gerta, a 12 year old girl, finds her life changed forever, when her family is literally divided when the Berlin Wall is built overnight.  Her older brother and mother remain on eastern side of the wall  controlled by the Russians, while her younger brother and father find themselves stranded on the western side of the wall, which represents freedom.  

    Jennifer Nielson portrays the surprising difficulties of life on the eastern side of the wall during this time period.  The harsh conditions that existed during the Soviet led times in Eastern Germany, makes it very convincing why a 12 year old girl would take the risks of trying to take the risks of doing anything she needed to reunite her family and escape East Germany somehow get through the seemingly impenetrable wall. The reader roots for Gerta since she shows her resiliency and fortitude in a time of great difficulty.  The  book leaves the reader on edge as to whether Gerta and her older brother Fritz can outfox the Soviet soldiers and tunnel through to the other side.  It is a definite nail biter to read  the entire time.

    Five Stars

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