• Reader's Workshop
  • Read to Self
    Students read books at their own reading level. They have their own book bin that they fill every week, with books from different genres, interests and levels.  Students think about their books while reading by using our CAFE reading strategies (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand Vocabulary).
  • Read to Someone
    Students read appropriate leveled-books with a buddy.  Students discuss their books with their buddy while reading by using our CAFE Reading Strategies (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand Vocabulary).  They "Check for Understanding" while reading and help one another become better readers by coaching each other!
  • Listening Center
    Students listen to grade level books at our "Group Listening Center" or on an "Independent CD Player."  Then, they show their comprehension of the book in their "Listening Center Response Journals." 
  • Work on Writing
    Every week students write a "Free Write" in their journal.  Other times, students are given a specific topic and we go through the writing process, using a graphic organizer, sloppy copy, final copy, and lots of editing along the way!  
  • Word Work
    Students practice and apply learned phonics skills from our FUNdations program using a variety of fun games and manipulatives!  
Read to Self
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Read to Someone
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