• Q: I am not getting emails from the school lately.  What's happening?

    A: There may be a couple reasons you are not receiving emails now.  

    Did you change your email address? If so, please update your email address in the parent portal on the Demographics Change page in PowerSchool.

    Your email system may be marking our email blasts as SPAM so look in your spam folder and your "Blacklist".

    Your email may be marked DNS (Do Not Send) in Alert Solutions2.  If you clicked on the"Click Here" in the sentence at the bottom of an email that reads, "If you would prefer not to receive further messages from this sender, please Click Here and confirm your request." Once they click that "Click Here" your email will be on the DNS list. You will not get any emails from Grafton Public Schools sent through AlertSolutions 2. See below on how to get off the DNS list.

    Q:  How do I get off the DNS (Do Not Send) list of AlertSolutions 2?

    A:  If a parent wants to have the DNS removed and receive emails again, the parent (not the school) needs to email support@alertsolutions.com to request to be removed from the DNS list. The support staff will contact you when done, usually within a day.

    Q: I am unable to remove or change my contact information from the "emergency alert" category within the contact preferences section of AlertSolutions 2 in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    A: Correct, in the event of an emergency the district must contact you and will use all contact information available.

    Q: I have updated my contact information on the Demographic Change page but my information did not change right away.

    A: Yes, the PowerSchool database administration or building secretary must first approve all changes to contact information which could take a couple of days. 

    Q: How can I be sure I am going to get a call and an email during a school cancellation?

    A: Each year, Dr. Cummings sends out a test call and email before the winter break. He will notify everyone of the test date through his newsletter and the website. You can also check your phone number and email address are correct in the PowerSchool Parent Portal on the demographics page.

    Q: My daughter has two homes. What if she is staying at her other parent's house that night?

    A: AlertSolutions 2 can call and email both parent households. Be sure the correct phone numbers and email addresses are listed in the Parent Demographics page AND included in the Contact Preferences page in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  See the directions in "Setting Contact Preferences". 

    Q: I am confused by the titles in the contact preferences in AlertSolutions 2. They are not the same as in the demographics page.

    A:  We continue to work on merging AlertSolutions 2 into our PowerSchool environment. While some of the titles in AlertSolutions refer to Father or Mother now, they will be changed to Parent/Guardian. At this time, just be sure that the information for each person is included in one of the sections.  Thank you for your patience.