• In an emergency situation there is the possibility that we would need to relocate students and staff to a different location. We experienced this situation two years ago when an appliance caught fire at South Grafton Elementary School. All students and staff were safe, but the extreme cold outside forced us to relocate to another school. If faced with the need to relocate, we will update parents via our communication system on the safety of students and the plans for relocation. In the case of the fire at South Grafton Elementary School, we were able to relocate to another school and to complete the school day at that location.

    If parents/guardians need to pick up students after relocating we will utilize the Standard Reunification Method.  A reunification team will establish a location for parents and guardians and a process for parents to reconnectwith their son or daughter. While there are many variables associated with any emergency, this method will undoubtedly ensure a successful reunification.