Student 1:1 at Grafton High School
    The Grafton Public Schools is pleased to continue its 1:1 initiative at the Grafton High School where each student and teacher is provided an iPad.
    We believe this technology helps us foster and support a 21st century learning environment where collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking are key.
          File: New Student & Parent iPad Deployment Presentation
          File: iPad Setup Directions
          File: Insurance Flyer
          Link: Securranty iPad Insurance 
    Insurance is strongly recommended for student iPads. We have seen many different cases of breakage, loss, theft, etc. When you don't have insurance, replacement or repairs can get expensive. It is important you check the status of your coverage and make sure you are covered through the school year. We have extensively researched insurance companies and recommend Securranty. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the Grafton High School insurance page. You can buy insurance and make claims directly from this website.