Art - Grade 1

  • Instructor: Ms. K Runne   
    I am looking forward to a fun and exciting year in Art!  


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    First Grade
    First grade classes will learn about the elements of art. Classes will study the importance of LINE, SHAPE, TEXTURE, COLOR, VALUE, FORM and SPACE in art, while using a variety of materials and mediums.
    First grade classes began the school year by reviewing expected behaviors and routines for the art room. Classes enjoyed watching the movie "Ish" by Peter H. Reynolds on the SmartBoard. Students had fun creating their own "Ish" drawings while trying their best! During the first trimester, first grade classes explore the art element, line. Students create a line wax resist using oil pastels and watercolors. Students then learn about the art element, texture while creating fall tree collages. Students learn how to incorporate patterns into their artwork while creating warm and cool weavings. From there, students build on their knowledge of the art element color, with a lesson on the color wheel. Students create their own color wheels using only primary colored watercolor crayons. Students have fun practicing their color mixing skills. 
    During the second and third trimesters, first grade students will build on their art skills while learning about new art elements, famous artists and art concepts such as foreground and background. Students will create their own "Starry Night" landscapes while learning about Vincent van Gogh. All first grade classes will participate in the Original Works (NGES) or Square One Art (SGES) fundraiser. Thank you to both PTGs for helping to raise money for art supplies! First grade students will learn how to create realistic and abstract portraits. Students will have fun learning about cave art while exploring chalk pastels. First grade classes will learn about the art element, form while creating "knee bowls" out of clay. Students will also learn about printmaking. 
    First grade artists will be exploring a variety of different materials and mediums, learning about famous artists, making interdisciplinary connections and finding new ways to express their creativity! It is bound to be a wonderful year!


  • SGES Art: Mon. & Tues.
    MSES Art: Wed.
    NGES Art: Thurs. & Fri.
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