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What's happening in the weeks to come......

  • Classroom Shopping List
    If you're able....we're always in need of a few items to help supplement those the school provides. Generic brands are fine. smiley

    Paper Towels
    Baby Wipes
    Facial Tissue
    Card stock paper in assorted colors

    Math fact fluency
    Throughout the year students are assessed on math fact fluency. Common Core Standards require students to recite math facts with automaticity. Using the Mastering Math Fact Program, I will start students with Addition and move through subtraction, multiplication then division throughout the year.

    Homework is due on the assigned date unless your
    child has a note from home.

    The intention of homework is to practice the skills learned that day. The students' performance on homework is used to help plan instruction the next day.
    Please keep me informed if you feel the homework is too challenging or too easy!

    A typical week of homework includes:

    Reading: 20 minutes plus completion of the Reading Log, which is due back signed on Friday.

    Math: Monday-Wednesday with occasional work on Thursday.  Completion of challenge work is optional and encouraged. 


    Missing Assignments will be noted on your child's weekly update


    In Reading Workshop.....
    Students are setting reading goals to build stamina and improve reading habits during independent reading time. Slowly we will add word work and partner reading routines to the mix. 
    In Writing....

    Students are exploring ways writers create ideas for writing. Personal Narratives and use of dialogue will be noted.

    imageIn Math Workshop......

    Students are reviewing place value skills from second grade and expanding those to include thousand, ten thousand and hundred thousand place values.  They are comparing numbers and learning to write their names in word form.

    In Word Study....
    Students are noticing interesting words in order to build vocabulary. We read, The Boy Who Loves Words by Roni Schotter and explored authors can use word-choice to paint pictures in the heads of readers.  
    In Science
    Students have taken on a challenge to build a crossword puzzle with every student's name using the Engineering Design Process. Of course they didn't know what this design process was, but they were using it nonetheless! 


  • Schedule
    Monday           Library
    Tuesday          Music      
    Wednesday      Art          
    Thursday         Commuter          
    Friday              Phys.ed