Pension/Retirement Information

  • All Grafton Public School employees pay into one of three pension plans. 

    • Most licensed, professional, salaried educators pay into the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System (MTRS):

    • Most hourly employees pay into the Worcester Regional Retirement System (WRRS):

    • All substitutes and Long Term substitutes pay into Mission Square (ICMA):

    If you have questions about your pension plan, please contact the pension administrator directly.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is contributing to a pension plan mandatory?

    Yes, unless you are already a retiree from the Grafton Public Schools and collecting a pension benefit.  If you are an employee in the public sector you have to enroll in Mass Teachers Retirement, Worcester Regional Retirement, or Mission Square - whichever is applicable. 

    What if I contributed to both Social Security and Pension what happens when I retire?

    You cannot collect 100% of both.  Social Security will be offset by 2/3’rds of your pension. 

    How do I know what is pensionable and non-pensionable income?

    Pensionable income is a flat amount stated in the union contracts.  Examples are longevity and stipends.  Work days that state “will” work.  Income that states “may” work is non-pensionable.

    Can I increase my pension deduction?

    No, the pension deduction is a percentage mandated by the pension board.

    How can I tell if I participate in Retirement Plus through MTRS?

    Retirement plus originated with MTRS and those enrolled pay a flat amount of 11%.   

    Members can log into MTRS to calculate their retirement and view if they are in retirement plus or regular retirement.  Anyone newly joining MTRS is automatically enrolled in Retirement Plus.

    Why is my MTRS contribution rate different than my colleague's rate?

    MTRS contribution rates can vary depending on what year you started teaching in public education in Massachusetts and what options you may have selected prior to 2012.  The MTRS website has a page dedicated to explaining their contribution rates: Contribution Rates Explained