Pension Information

  • If you have questions about your pension plan, please contact the pension administrator directly:


    Worcester Regional Retirement System



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is pension mandatory?

    Yes, unless you are already a retiree and collecting a pension benefit.  If you are an employee in the public sector you have to enroll in Mass Teachers Retirement or Worcester Regional Retirement whichever is applicable. 

    What if I contributed to both Social Security and Pension what happens when I retire?

    You cannot collect 100% of both.  Social Security will be offset by 2/3’rds of your pension. 

    How do I know what is pensionable and non pensionable income?

    Pensionable income is a flat amount stated in the union contracts.  Examples are longevity and stipends.  Work days that state “will” work.  Income that states “may” work is non pensionable.

    Can I increase my pension deduction?

    No, the pension deduction is a percentage mandated by the pension board.

    Do I a participate in Retirement Plus?

    Retirement plus originated with MTRS and those enrolled pay a flat amount of 11%.   

    Members can log into MTRS to calculate their retirement and view if they are in retirement plus or regular retirement.  Anyone newly joining MTRS is automatically enrolled in Retirement Plus.