Grafton High School

To prepare all students to be life-long learners and responsible citizens

About GHS

  • Grafton High School houses approximately 850 students in grades 9-12. We are a community of learners that prepares all of our students intellectually, physically, and socially for their role as lifelong learners and responsible citizens. GHS is a safe and accepting learning environment that fosters respect and tolerance and manitains high expectations for one’s own actions, motivation, and responsibility. Here at GHS, we believe that students learn best when they are provided with a comprehensive, challenging and engaging curriculum, that meets all learning styles and promotes critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.  As a 1:1 school, GHS promotes collaborative learning using iPads as a conduit for academic growth. Digital citizenship and leveraging a variety of applications to increase personal organization, intellectual curiosity, and independent thought are the cornerstones of student iPad use.


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