• Welcome to Mrs. Walsh's Second Grade Classroom!
    2nd Grade RULES!!!
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What's Going On?

  • Welcome 2019!

    We are off to a great start to 2019!  Our students are excited about our lessons and are learning at a great pace!  


General Announcements

  • Mystery Reader

    Please sign up to be a Mystery Reader in our Classroom!  Mystery Readers come to our classroom on Thursday afternoons, from 2:30-2:45 to read to our students!  Please bring a book with you and knock loudly on our door when you get here. I will come out to be sure it's "you," and then send one special student out to greet you!  Please do not tell your child when you are coming in, as this is such a fun surprise!


     Classroom Supplies 
       Thank you for all of the supplies that have been donated!  I greatly appreciate your continual support and generosity!  If you would like to donate something to our classroom, we are currently in need of Wet Ones Wipes and Clorox Wipes!  
       Please remember to send your child to school with a healthy, PEANUT-FREE, snack every day. We will have snacktime every morning. We will eat lunch from 12:20-12:45, followed by a 25 minute recess.  Also, if your child does an afterschool program anytime throughout the year, please send an extra snack.


  •       2018-2019

    Monday - Music
    Tuesday - Art
    Wednesday - Library
    Thursday - Computer
    Friday - Gym