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  • Hello SGES Families!

    We continue to work hard at SGES to be helpful, considerate, friendly and compassionate people.  Your children have been earning so many Golden Tickets on a daily basis that I am sure they will fill the plastic tube in the lobby by June!  They get so excited to see the tickets “grow” and to hear their name announced should they win a prize.  They are also genuinely happy for their friends who might win a prize, too!

    On the academic front, students are working on their reading skills:  fluency, accuracy, comprehension and expression.  Many in Kindergarten are now reading!  In first grade, students have been using their reading knowledge to dig deeper into their reading to better understand the story at hand. 

    Students continue to use their knowledge of setting, characters, and author’s purpose to compare literature with their own experiences and/or with other books and stories.  First graders are working on defending their opinions on what they have read and or believe.  This crosses over into their writing.  Kindergarteners continue to work on writing good sentences and adding details.

    In math, fact fluency is practiced often.  Students in first grade are working on remembering their double facts (1 +1, 2 + 2) and will soon be learning doubles + 1 to help them with their math knowledge.  They continue to practice addition and subtraction. 

    All students in K and 1 continue to work on their weekly Fundations skills. 

    We held our Annual Kindergarten Parent Orientation last week and had a terrific turnout!  We are so happy to start the process of welcoming in our newest students!  If you missed the Orientation, don’t worry.  We will have additional information going out regarding registration soon. 

    We are looking forward to our First Annual Specialist Night on Thursday, February 8th at SGES.  Mrs. Largesse, PE teacher, Mrs. Casperaites, Music teacher and Ms. Runne, Art teacher, will all be here ready to showcase what they do with our students!  This should be a fun evening for all. 

    The news has had many asking questions regarding the flu.  Under forms and documents, please find an information sheet regarding the flu and what to do should you suspect your child or any family member has the flu.  














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    About SGES: We are an early childhood school and serve as the foundation for lifelong learning. Our goal is to facilitate the growth and guide the development of each child's self-esteem, sense of competence, and positive attitude toward learning. Above all, our knowledge of the development of young children provides the framework for our school's beliefs and practices, bringing our early childhood goals to life.

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